Sunday, September 6, 2015


A new thing is happening in this month of September for all my friends on facebook and followers of my blog.

Starting Monday 7th September 2015, I shall be giving out freebies to 5 friends who qualify to receive them.

The freebies would range from links to online money making sites, to ebooks to free reports and also to featuring and promotion

The winners shall have the freedom to choose which of the freebies available for the week would resonate with them

And all that my friends are required to do to qualify for the above benefit are: 

a.     follow me on my blogs (email and googleplus)

b.   follow me on twitter:

c.    like my posts on the blogs/facebook

d.     share the posts on facebook

e.     be among the first 5 to comment on the posts on the blogs/facebook

That's it

Anyone out there who wants in?

Then join up today

I am waiting to start giving out the freebies

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


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