Monday, September 14, 2015

An INVESTMENT PLATFORM You Necessarily Have To Be Involved With NOW

Hello Dear Friend

As a financially intelligent person, you sure do know that INVESTMENT is one best way to consolidate resources for greater yield and dividend.

You also know that investing anyhow without due process does not pay but that SMART INVESTING pays better dividend

And the best way to determine what to smartly invest in is by checking out the current trends on the portfolio

And until God's Kingdom finally comes down to earth, any investment in REAL ESTATE AND PROPERTIES, HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY, HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY and RETAIL TRADE BUSINESS would ALWAYS trend; because no matter how bad the economy would be, people would always need shelter to cover their heads; they would need food to keep hope alive; they would need drugs to get better when they are sick and they would need retail shops where they can make most of their purchases.

I present to you a UK based company with vast interests in Nigeria that is giving many Nigerians the opportunity of investing in Properties and other Businesses in the UK with such affordable investment capital that anybody can afford.

You do not need to own or struggle with black marketers for DOLLAR or EURO or POUND because the Company makes it possible for you to invest with your money in Naira

You do not need to have a DOMICILLIARY BANK ACCOUNT to invest in these programs,  because the Company pays your dividends straight into your NIGERIAN BANK ACCOUNT

And you do not have to wait for ONE YEAR before collecting your dividends, the Company pays your dividend to you on monthly basis

So all you are required to do are:

CHOOSE:  Pick from the list of investment programs available and decide which one/s would serve your purpose better

INVEST: Determine how much you want to invest (the minimum for some of them is N5000.00)

EARN:  Sit back and keep doing the other things you do and then earn your dividend monthly until the expiration of your term for the investment.

With this Company:
You can cancel your investment at any time if you become uncomfortable with it
You would also get your initial deposit back when the term of investment expires


1.STUDENT PROPERTY:  N10,000 mini deposit (daily earning btw 0.23% to 1%) for 60 days

2. UK CAR PARK:  N5000 mini deposit (daily earning btw 0.23% to 1%) for 60 days

3. A FOREST RESTURANT: N5000 mini deposit (daily earning btw 0.23% to 1%) for 120 days

4. CORRAN 5 STAR HOTEL: N10,000 mini deposit (daily earning btw 0.23% to 1%) for 182 days


This mail comes to you therefore as an invitation to INVEST.

You do not have to start big; you can try out with the minimum investment capital and when you are convinced it is working fine, you can invest big.

That's what my Father taught me

If you are moved to invest, then simply click on this link and when it opens, proceed to open an account with the Company (Kindly ensure that the name MIDASTOUCH is in the sponsor's space when you are signing up and if it is not there, kindly insert it)

If you don't want to do it by yourself, talk to us and we shall help you to do it.

I am waiting to welcome you on board

Your Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP

I can be reached:
Call/Whatsapp:  0705-994-9508
BBM:          563C84F1
Skype:         hoijerrythefirst
Twitter:      @hoijerrydfirst

Take a look at the list of some investors

Should you want to invest a Hundred thousand naira and above, please confirm with us first so that we can direct you on how to go about it without hiccups




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