Friday, August 28, 2015

August Is On Its Way Out

 Ladies and Gentlemen

It's Friday the 28th day of August 2015, and you know what, it is just 3 days to go and August would be over.

Never in the history of mankind would August 2015 ever appear again.

So by the 31st when it ends, it would be gone sine die - never to be resurrected.

And when it ends, the 2nd month of the 3rd quarter of the year of our Lord, two thousand and fifteen would have ended.

It is still not late to take a look at what you planned to do in this outgoing month and to know whether you achieved them or not?

I always advise people to do a daily stock taking on their goals because that's just what I do too. And certainly it has helped me.

And so, as August is on its #way out, what things do you still have on your drawing board that are yet to be lifted up?

Take action on it/them TODAY. It is never too late in the day to start a new thing or even to revive an old thing!!!!!

I am a Master of both - starting new things and reviving old things and if you think you need a helping hand, just call me and I would be at your beck - no questions asked.

While waiting for you to call, just keep being you and I shall see you right there at the top.

Have a very wonderful and beautiful day

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP



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