Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Be Mindful Of Time

Greetings of the new day to all of you

Here’s hoping that you all woke up hale and hearty just like my family and I did this morning and for which we give God all the glory, thanksgiving, adoration and honour.

It is another new day meant for us. A day to set things aright, make new friends, rekindle old friendships, renew marriage vows, reach out to the poor and poorly, generally make some positive impact in the world around us.

Use the opportunity that today presents to do that one thing you have been meaning to do all this while but have not!!

Use today to take that initiative to be where you want to be, no one else can do it for you!!!!!

Remember that when today is gone, all the hues and cries over things that ought to have been done but were not done would be an exercise in futility, YOU CAN NEVER TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME.

Today is all that you have, that is why it is called “THE PRESENT” pray, use it well.

Live in the present

Every day as I always do, remind yourself that it is good to be alive

So, go make the most of it.

Have a great day
And I’ll see you on the morrow

Bless and be Blessed

Remember that I love you as always!!!!!!!



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