Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Is It

My Friends.

Good morning.

Thank God for His mercies that brought us back to the land of the living today, for by our own power we would never have made it, but His love for us which He showed right from the Garden of Eden has sustained us right up to the present time. May all honour, glory, dominion and adoration be His for now and for ever – Amen

It’s Monday, the 29th of June, just a day left and the  month of June 2015 shall be gone FOREVER.

What are your hands doing?
What thoughts are spewing out of your mind?
What plans are still on the drawing table?

Get to work
It is high time to put an end to that drought
Looks like the rain is taking the passenger’s seat while the sun is becoming the driver on daily basis

Use both well

And while you do that, the Lord of harvest would sow good seeds in your life


Bless and be Blessed



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