Tuesday, November 7, 2017

You Don't Have A Time Management System?

Try the Pomodoro Technique!!!

Most people know they need time management to help them accomplish their goals

However, most people also either fail to use time management or they simply don't get around to implementing anything.

Part of the problem is that they don't know how to do this. It seems simple enough in theory to list some goals you want to accomplish and then create tasks that will satisfy those goals.

So, why don't more people get their goals accomplished?

A Technique that was developed in the 1980s is still riding the waves in the now and it is called the Pomodoro Technique.

It got its name from Francesco Cirillo who used a tomato-shaped timer as the technique. Pomodoro is italian for tomato.

In a nutshell, the technique suggests:

a.       that you set a timer for a predetermined number of minutes and you get as much work as you can get done in that period

b.      then you rest for another predetermined number of minutes

As an example, you set the timer to 10 minutes that you can work actively and then another 5 minutes for which you can take a break.

You can choose whatever intervals you want. Just be consistent with them.

You could use your computer as a timer but this is less effective than using an actual timer.

The problem with using your computer is that there are too many temptations with the computer.

For instance suppose you download a timer or use one on a website. You set it for ten minutes and then get some work done. Then you receive an email from a friend that shows pictures from his vacation that he just returned from. You log into Facebook to let him know how cool the images are. While on Facebook, another friend messages you and you start chatting, the timer gets lost in the shuffle.

Having a physical timer on your table will be a constant reminder that you have work to do.  You could use a smart device to set up the timer, but this has a similar drawback as a timer on your computer. There are simply too many temptations with smart devices.

A Physical timer won't prevent you from wasting time, but it's existence right on your work desk will get you to remember that you have more work to do.

What's great about the Pomodoro Technique?
You are working in small chunks, which gives you a higher chance of getting things done.

And then it also allows for breaks, which help you to realign your mindset for the next interval of work.