Thursday, August 31, 2017

Old Doors Have Been Done Away With Alongside Their Old Keys

Mark Zuckerberg is 33yrs old and has only one business Facebook- launched in Feb 2004.

Aliko Dangote is 60yrs old, has a business empire & has been in business for over 40years

In 2012, Dangote was named the 43rd richest man in the world (Forbes) while Mark was 66th but in 2017, Mark became the 5th richest person while Dangote dropped to 105th position.

Mark achieved more globally in 6yrs than Dangote has done in 40yrs.

The Reason?
Dangote started his business in the Industrial age which requires physical strength to succeed

while Mark started his business in the Information Age which requires intelligence

Embrace Knowledge.

Apply Innovation.

Disrupt Legacy Businesses

You need new keys to open new doors old keys won't work. -

When You Find Hope, Stick To It

Less than 10 years ago, Conor Mcgregor was homeless.

While homeless he met a woman named Dee Devlin.

She took him off the streets, moved Conor into her tiny apartment and fed him daily.

All she ever asked was that he worked hard and believed in himself.

She struggled to buy expensive, healthy food so Conor could train and stay focused... but she stuck by him.

ONLY 6 years ago, Conor was a plumber... barely living above poverty, but Dee stuck by him.

Last saturday night, Dee sat in in attendance to once again support her man while he made over 100 MILLION dollars to add to his already successful new life.

Believe in yourself and find people to surround yourself with who believe in you as well.

Life is too short to keep your circle full of people who will watch you fail. Don't EVER let your circumstances or people hold you down.

Get out there and take what's yours! No excuses!

Your Destiny Is For The Top

When you were conceived, you had your own personally branded DNA and that DNA has success embedded in it.

This means that life has equipped you with all that you need to succeed in life.

However. life is a #HardTaskMaster, it never gives you anything on a platter of gold.

If you want to succeed in life, you must have to work hard at it.

To succeed therefore, you need to be focused and never give up on your journey to success regardless of how difficult life may look.

Where survival seems negligible due to the outstanding volume of obstacles along the path. Use your strengths and opportunities to the fullest and don't forget to know the weaknesses and threats that lie along the way.

Keep focused and always aim for the peak to be your final destiny!

Don't ever let your circumstances or people hold you down.

Instead of just thinking outside the box in your journey to success, #BreakTheBox

Get out there and take what's yours to claim your destiny.

You are a #ChildOfDestiny

Go out there and fulfill it

Remember to thank God, when you have made it to the top because it is only His grace that can take you that far

Today, do the best you can

I am your friend

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP

As August Ends Today

It seemed like yesterday when we welcomed August into the fold of 2017.

We had high hopes that it was the month to make us realize our dreams for 2017
We made plans to achieve our goals
We were ready to take on the world in order to live the life we are born to live

But here we are
In the next couple of hours, August shall depart the shores of this year - 2017
Just another month that has gone by

And the questions come flooding in
Were all our hopes met?
Did we achieve all our goals?
Were all our aspirations met?

Yet, ought we not to be grateful?
That August did not consume us as it consumed so many people - those who died in accidents, those who were murdered by Boko Haram, those who died in air crashes, those who lost their lives in ship and boat mishaps, those who died from chronic diseases, e.t.c.

Are we any better than them?
Are we less of sinners than them?
Definitely not

It's all about the Grace of God
His Grace has enabled us to navigate through the 1st to the 31st day of August without being consumed

Oh for sure we may not have had all our dreams come true in the outgoing month but then we are ALIVE and only the living can set goals, make plans and achieve them.

And as I always say, Thank God for life

August missed you, be grateful

Have a great day today


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Challenge Accepted

30 Days Challenge With Dr. JTF Span - Sept 1 to 30 2017 Hello Friends I am excited to have you all in this Group for the next 30 days as we take on personal challenges in a Group setting designed to help us achieve at least one thing in the next 30 days. I am honoured to earn your trust to wish to participate voluntarily in this program I am hopeful that it shall be worth your time by the end of it I decided to open the Chalenge Hall today, so as to give room for the early birds to bond. As others' indicate interest, they shall be added but we are closing the doors by 30th to give enough time for all to meet up with the speed as we intend to take off on the 1st of September Let me then welcome you and thank you very immensely for accepting the Challenge Please feel free to share, don't be shy and endeavour to ask questions Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie Initiator

Monday, August 28, 2017

What Nobody Tells You About Finding Your Purpose

Why are you here and what do you really want? Try this simple diagnostic from the author of Beyond Willpower and find out.

By Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND

Do you remember the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp?

This was one of my favorite stories as a child; I don’t know how many times I imagined, while walking around in the backyard, what I would choose with my three wishes, and then what might happen as a result.

Close your eyes and imagine that Aladdin’s genie is standing right in front of you, right now. There’s no one else around; it’s just you and the genie.

Here’s what he tells you: “I’m going to give you one wish. You can wish for anything you want, with only two limitations: You can’t wish for more wishes, and you can’t receive a wish that will take away someone else’s free will. But wish for basically anything else, and you will get it.

If you wish for 10 million dollars — done!
An ‘incurable’ health issue healed — you got it!
A big achievement goal accomplished — victory!

You get the idea. No one will ever know how you got it; they will think it just happened naturally through the course of life’s circumstances.

Also, you can never have another wish fulfilled in your lifetime, and if you don’t tell me your wish in 10 seconds, you lose it.”

Okay, this is it; the moment of truth. Treat this as if it were really happening to you right now.

No filtering; you’ve got 10 seconds.

Close your eyes — go.

What did you tell the genie your wish was?
Write it down.

Guess what?
I tricked you.

This is the only way I’ve been able to figure out how to help you identify what you really want most in your life.

You see, your answer above is actually the number one goal of your life right now.

But if I’d asked it that way, chances are you would have said something different.

So why do I want to know the number one goal of your life?
Because it’s why you do almost everything that you do.
It’s why you have the thoughts that you have.
It’s what you really believe in the most, no matter what you might say. And it betrays your underlying programming.
Everything you do, everything you’ve ever done and everything you will ever do is because of a goal you’ve set at some point in your life, even if you’ve long forgotten what it was.

You don’t get up in the morning unless, at some point, you have that as a goal, consciously or unconsciously.

The same is true for brushing your teeth, getting dressed, hailing a cab, getting married, getting divorced, having children, using the restroom — you get the idea. Identifying the number one goal in your life is the first step to making any real change.

I’ve been asking people this question for 25 years, both one at a time and thousands at a time. The last live group I did this with had over 1,600 people. Only six gave the right answer.

If the only rule was to give an honest answer, how could they have given a wrong answer?

Well, I know they’ve given me the wrong answer because, after I ask them two more questions, they tell me that they had the wrong answer.

Here are the next two:

2. If you got what you most wanted in question 1, what would that do for you and what would it change in your life?

3. If you got the things that were your answers to both questions 1 and 2, how would you feel?

Your answer to question 3 is actually the right answer to the original question, “What do you want right now more than anything else?”

That’s what you really want more than anything, and it is always an inward state; it is never an external material circumstance.

This internal state is what we’re going to call your ultimate success goal, because that’s exactly what it is. But if this inward state is really your ultimate success goal, then why didn’t you naturally answer that way to begin with?

Here’s why: Almost everyone answers question 1 with an external circumstance because they believe that circumstance will purchase for them the inward state of how they answered question 3.

Let me give you an example. A few months ago, I was doing a live event in Los Angeles. I was taking the audience through this exercise to help people find their ultimate goal. A lady volunteered to come up on stage and share her answers. She had had a rough few years, like so many have in the recent economy. Her answer to question 1 was “a million dollars.” When she said it, the look in her eyes was the same as if she were talking about the love of her life, her favorite food or a decadent chocolate dessert. Her answer to question 2 was what you would probably expect: “I could pay off my bills, have a little breathing room, go on a much-needed vacation and have less pressure on my life.” Her answer to question 3 was “peace.” She thought that in order to have peace, she had to have money. In her situation, she thought money would literally purchase peace for her.

I explained how all this works, and then asked her: “Is it possible that what you ‘really’ want, more than anything, is peace, but you think that money is the only way to get that peace for you internally?” Her jaw dropped, she covered her face and she started weeping right there on the stage in front of many people — gasping-for-air weeping.

So many of us pursue some end result — whether it’s a career, a possession, an achievement or a relationship — because we think that this external circumstance will purchase the internal state we really want most in our lives.

In fact, we probably believe that achieving the external circumstance is the only way we can have the inward states of love, joy and peace.

But this is never true.

In fact, it’s one of the greatest lies on the planet.

Source                 HuffingtonPost

There Once Was A Great Nation With An Unstable Leader

What happens when the people of a great nation gradually realize that their leader may not be, er, quite right in the head?

When Caligula became Roman emperor in A.D. 37, the people rejoiced.

“On all sides, you could see nothing but altars and sacrifices, men and women decked in their holiday best and smiling,” according to the first-century writer Philo.

The Senate embraced him, and he was hailed as a breath of fresh air after the dourness, absenteeism and miserliness of his great-uncle, Emperor Tiberius.

Caligula was colorful and flamboyant, offering plenty of opportunities for ribald gossip.

Caligula had four wives in rapid succession, and he was said to be sleeping with his sister. (Roman historians despised him, so some of the gossip should be treated skeptically.)

He was charming, impetuous and energetic, sleeping only three hours a night, and he displayed a common touch as he constantly engaged with the public.

His early months as emperor brimmed with hope.

Initially, Caligula focused on denouncing his predecessor and reversing everything that he had done.

Caligula also made popular promises of tax reform so as to reduce the burden on the public.

He was full of grandiose pledges of infrastructure projects, such as a scheme to cut through the Isthmus of Corinth.

But, alas, Caligula had no significant government experience, and he proved utterly incompetent at actually getting things done. Meanwhile, his personal extravagance actually increased the need for tax revenue.

Suetonius, the Roman historian, recounted how Caligula’s boats had “sterns set with gems, parti-colored sails, huge spacious baths, colonnades and banquet halls, and even a great variety of vines and fruit trees.”

Romans initially accepted Caligula’s luxurious tastes, perhaps intrigued by them. But Caligula’s lavish spending soon exhausted the surplus he had inherited, and Rome ran out of money.

This led to increasingly desperate, cruel and tyrannical behavior.

Caligula reportedly opened a brothel in the imperial palace to make money, and he introduced new taxes.

When this wasn’t enough, he began to confiscate estates, antagonizing Roman elites and sometimes killing them.

A coward himself, Caligula was said to delight in the torture of others; rumor had it that he would tell his executioners: “Kill him so that he can feel he is dying.”

Caligula, a narcissist and megalomaniac, became increasingly unhinged.

He supposedly rolled around on a huge pile of gold coins, and he engaged in conversations with the moon, which he would invite into his bed.

He replaced the heads of some statues of gods with his own head, and he occasionally appeared in public dressed as a god.

He was referred to as a god in certain circumstances, and he set up a temple where he could be worshiped.

“Remember that I have the right to do anything to anybody,” he told his grandmother, according to Suetonius.

Caligula had a thing for generals, and he periodically wore the garb of a triumphant military commander.

He removed the breastplate of Alexander the Great from his sarcophagus and wore it himself at times.

The Senate, dignified and traditional, watched Caligula with increasing alarm. He scandalized the public by sometimes dressing as a woman, and he aggravated tensions by scathingly denouncing the Senate, relying on sarcasm and insult, and showing utter contempt for it.

One of Caligula’s last allies was his beloved racehorse, Incitatus, who wore a collar of precious stones and lived in a marble stall. Caligula would invite Incitatus to dine with him.

Edward Champlin, a historian of Rome at Princeton University, says that Caligula pursued “a love of pranks that a 4-year-old might disdain” and had a penchant for “blurting out whatever is on his mind” — such as suggesting that Incitatus could become consul.

These rash statements rippled through Rome, for leaders of great powers are often taken not just seriously but also literally.

Yet as Caligula wreaked havoc, Rome also had values, institutions and mores that inspired resistance.

He offended practically everyone, he couldn’t deliver on his promises, his mental stability was increasingly doubted and he showed he simply had no idea how to govern.

Within a few years, he had lost all support, and the Praetorian Guard murdered him in January 41 (not a path I would ever condone).

Caligula was as abominable a ruler as a great nation could have, yet Rome proved resilient.

Likewise, Rome survived Emperor Nero a generation later, even as Nero apparently torched Rome, slaughtered Christians, slept with and then murdered his mother, kicked his pregnant wife to death, castrated and married a man and generally mismanaged the empire.

“If there’s a hero in the story of first-century Rome, it’s Roman institutions and traditional expectations,” reflects Emma Dench, a Harvard scholar of the period. “However battered or modified, they kept the empire alive for future greatness.”

To me, the lesson is that Rome was able to inoculate itself against unstable rulers so that it could recover and rise to new glories.

Even the greatest of nations may suffer a catastrophic leader, but the nation can survive the test and protect its resilience — if the public stays true to its values, institutions and traditions.

That was true two millennia ago, and remains true today.

Source          NYTimes

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Hello Friend,

In the next couple of days, August shall end and we shall be entering the first of the EMBER MONTHS - SEPTEMBER

The arrival of the ember months is a sure sign that the year is heading to an end because God waking us up every morning, it will just be a matter of 122 days from 1st of September and the year would end.

At the beginning of the year, you made some resolutions, I do not know how far you have come towards achieving those resolutions but one thing I do know for sure is that UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY OVER, IT IS NEVER OVER.

I want to invite you to a 30 DAY CHALLENGE starting SEPTEMBER 1 2017 all through to SEPTEMBER 30 2017.

So is there something you really desire to do this year but you have not started it? or are there somethings still left undone that you wish to see done before the years wears out?

Then this opportunity would help you to give it the all that you have and bring it to fruition.

This is a PERSONAL CHALLENGE within a GROUP - meaning that you would choose your own challenge and then we shall put some guidelines in place and monitor each other for the period it will take for the challenge to come to an end.

Such personal challenge could be
- to make N1 MILLION in 30 days
- to drop 10 pounds in weight in 30 days
- to write a Business Proposal in 30 days
- to sell 100 pieces of whatever product you market in 30 days
- to read 4 motivational books in 30 days
- to create a powerful highly converting video on some skill acquisition in 30 days
- to acquire certain skill in 30 days
- to start an Online Business in 30 days
- to quit smoking
- to cut down drastically on alcohol consumption
- to cut down on men or women chasing

You just decide what your challenge will be and then come and let us reason together

It will be an online event, so anyone anywhere in the world can join up

I am searching for ONLY 15 PERSONS to join this Challenge

Would you like to be one of us?

Then fill out the form HERE:     

Looking forward to welcoming you to the Challenge Group

God bless you real good

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP
Challenge Initiator