Saturday, July 15, 2017

Success Does Not Come To You

So you want to be successful?
You want to have as much money as Bill Gates
You want to be the greatest Surgeon?
You want to be world famous?

How do you want to achieve the success?

By sitting at one place and dreaming about it?
or by hanging out with those you are better than?
or by keeping to yourself?

One thing life has taught me is that if you want success, then you simply have to work and walk towards it because success will NEVER come to you. You are to go it.

Success is like a very beautiful woman, who carries herself so high, she can never fall for the man who has no courage or self confidence, but once she meets that man who is courageous to ask her out and fulfill her dreams and desires, she would be like a pumpkin in his hands.

I ask again, do you desire to be successful, then WORK for it




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