Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Salary Is Never Enough

Are you a full time worker solely and utterly dependent on your salary?
Then you need to read this to the end.

I have been a full time worker too and so I talk out of personal experience.

No matter how much you are paid, so long as it is counted and called salary, it is never and will never be enough and the reason is simple, the more money you earn, the more challenges you have coming your way and the more need you have to meet up those challenges.

Sometimes, the challenges wait for the money to drop into your bank account and then they start rearing their ugly heads, some are so urgent that even if you live on budgeting, you can not help but do extra budgetary expenditure and that of course will take money away from you.

One thing I have noticed and which is very common among salary earners is the ability to get "broke" before the month runs out and the consistent prayer that God should make the month run faster so that the next salary can be paid.

For most salary earners, they live "big" only within the first week of salary payment, from the second week, they become as broke as a broken vessel and they now have to start piling up debts in form of IOU (I owe you) or start eating on credit with the slogan "Madam book me down"

Can you visualize what I am saying here?
Or have you really lived it?
Or are you presently living it?

If you are still having the misfortune of being utterly dependent on your salary alone, then you need to do something about it before it is too late (remember that there is no more job security in this Country; anyone and I mean anyone can get fired easily these days on flimsy excuses)

It's time to end that drought
It's time to stop living from paycheck to paycheck
It's time to say good bye to "Madam book me down" and make cash payment for the services you have procured

It's time to put in place a #PlanBIncomeStream

I have helped a number of persons choose and implement a Plan B income stream, some of which are making more money for them than their regular jobs salaries

I can help you too.

I teach people how to discover and establish a Plan B Income Stream
It is an ONLINE Teaching that is done from the comfort of your home
You do not need to spend money on transport, only on data subscription.

If you desire to have a second income stream so that you free yourself from depending entirely on your salary and you want to learn, then I can teach you as well.

If this is you, then send the word TEACHING as a whatsapp message to 07059949508 and I shall get back to you with details of the program.

Make haste while the sun is shining brightly



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