Monday, July 31, 2017

Are You Prepared For That Decision That Will Ruin Your Life?

What's riskier? Staying in a job you're not growing in, or quitting your job and starting all over? James Altucher asked one of the most brilliant questions: "How many people can make a major decision that will ruin your life?" If all it takes is one person to say "You're fired" or "Our entire department is getting laid off" or "Amazon just bought our competitor, we're screwed," then who's at risk more? The person who didn't take any risks with their career and was relying on permission from other people to learn new skills and move up the corporate ladder? Or the person that said to themselves, "I've seen this story before. It doesn't end well. Why don't I pack my bags, get my life together, try some new things and see what sticks." It's impossible to live life without risk. If you're avoiding it, you're asking for a miserable, unfulfilled life. "It is in the presence of danger that we are gifted with the strong incentive for action, dedication and surpassing oneself" ~ Anne Dufourmantelle (To the people who have a spouse, children, mortgage, etc - Risk is not saying YOLO and missing your child's tuition payments. Risk is understanding that the best way to take care of your family is to make sure you're prepared when that 1 person makes a decision to ruin your life.

Risky Or Riskier - Which One Appeals To You?

It is risky to HIRE people. Even riskier not to hire them. Risky to try something new.  Even riskier not to. Risky to voice your opinion. Even riskier not to. Risky to give someone a chance. Even riskier not to. Risky to live. Even riskier not to. Do you agree?

As The 7th Month Of 2017 Ends


The last day of July 2017 is finally here, though it did not take long to come but I am quite happy that it has come.

On the 30th of June, we prayed that the Good Lord should grant us His grace to enter the new month in peace and happiness and also see us through it, not only did He grant our first wish but He has also brought us to the last day of the month.

And He is not going to rest until He takes us to the next new month which is the month of August because He is not noted to leave any job half completed or unfinished.

Whatever He starts, He will not only finish but also make it perfect.

It's Monday and it is the last day of July 2017, are there any programs you had planned to execute but which did not see the light of the day in the outgoing month, don't worry, pray to God for grace because tomorrow will not only be a new day, it will also be the commencement of a new month and as you know nothing is fixed, anything can happen.

Welcome to this new day and may you experience the peace and joy that the world ordinarily cannot give.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Quotes On Opportunity

God Is Still On The Throne

Are you on the threshold of despair right now because your expectations are yet to be met?
Have all your mates left you behind and you are frustrated enough to ask "Where is God?"
Are you passing through experiences that make you think that there is no more hope?

Listen my good friend
I have a message for you this morning

No matter how long the darkness lasts, it must give way to the light
No matter how long the night lasts, the day must come
No matter how long the winter lasts, summer shall come
And so no matter how long your wilderness journey has lasted, the promised land is about rising out of the depths
Watch out for it, it won't be long now

We are all on a journey
We don't all have the same path
but in our ignorance we compare ourselves with others
no two persons have the same route in this life journey
not even identical twins

My Bible tells me that in this life, there are seasons and times
When your season comes, you shall blossom
When  your time is rife, no power on earth can stop you from manifesting
Don't rush yourself out of your set time
Wait for your own time
Wait for your own season

God is still on the Sapphire Throne
And He still has the final say in all matters that concern His very own creations

Blessed be His Holy Name

And may you be blessed today and always

I remain your friend
H. E. Amb. Sir, Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP

Thursday, July 27, 2017

About Success

Success will not LOWER its standard to us
We must RAISE our standard to meet her!!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Human Beings Have Infinite Capacity For Self Development But . . . . .

Saturday, July 15, 2017

You Are The CEO Of Your Own Life

 Do you know that we all have just ONE LIFE to live?

Do you know that when a man is dead, his own Christ has come?

Do you know that all our struggles to be anything are only here on earth and that though no one has come back from the dead to let us know how their own world is but the Scriptures make us understand that the dead have no emotions, no memories and nothing alive again in them

Knowing all these therefore, what are we supposed to be doing with the daily opportunity we have to still be on this side of eternity?

Picture your life as a Corporate entity, do you know that you are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your life?

When God created you, He gave you the Power of Choice, so instead of living your life by chance, you can really live it by choice!!

As the CEO of Your life, it is your responsibility to make it a success with numerous dividends on all fronts

Take control of your life today and be the best you can be while you still have the opportunity


Act Out Your Wish

 How long have you wished that things were not the same as they are right now?

How long have you dreamt of being the toast of the world starting from those around you?

How long have you been day dreaming of living in that 10 bedroom duplex with all the pleasures of life en-suite?

How long will you continue to wish that things happen?

I tell you today, that until you ACT OUT YOUR WISH, it will NEVER come to be.

That's not a curse, just a statement of fact

If you are desirous of living in a Mansion, then go out there and make the money and build your own mansion.

What is that wish of yours?
Put action behind it and see it come to pass

Remember to thank me later


Success Does Not Come To You

So you want to be successful?
You want to have as much money as Bill Gates
You want to be the greatest Surgeon?
You want to be world famous?

How do you want to achieve the success?

By sitting at one place and dreaming about it?
or by hanging out with those you are better than?
or by keeping to yourself?

One thing life has taught me is that if you want success, then you simply have to work and walk towards it because success will NEVER come to you. You are to go it.

Success is like a very beautiful woman, who carries herself so high, she can never fall for the man who has no courage or self confidence, but once she meets that man who is courageous to ask her out and fulfill her dreams and desires, she would be like a pumpkin in his hands.

I ask again, do you desire to be successful, then WORK for it