Monday, June 19, 2017

Voluntary Poverty Can Liberate You

"Become fearless. “Sounds awesome. But how can it be done?”

Simple—here are your instructions:
*Pack your bag.
*Fly to South East Asia.
*Stay there until you run out of money.
*Run out of money.
*Get a job or find a way to make a tiny amount of money.
* Live on the bare minimum—eat only rice, live in a shitty house.
*Realise you can fend for yourself and that you don’t actually need a lot to survive in this world.

All of this is about experiencing your worst case scenario.

Doing this will give you the freedom and the confidence to try anything—because you know you’ll be okay.

Whatever happens, even if you lose everything, you know you can fend for yourself and survive.

This is what Elon Musk did in his early days.

He wanted to move to America but was scared about not getting a job—yes, Elon Musk was scared about not getting a job.

So, he decided to live on $1 a day.

He ate nothing but oranges, hotdogs and pasta.

He figured it’s pretty easy to find $30 a month so he’d probably be okay.

 That gave him the confidence to move. He practiced poverty.

Voluntary poverty can liberate you.

You can pursue anything you want to do in life without fear—because you’ve already experienced your worst case scenario.

Go and become fearless!"


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