Monday, May 15, 2017

Knowledge Plus Understanding = Unbeatable Combination

This Post Will Surely Help You To Get Understanding

Whether you drive a keke napep or a maruti or a beast or a suzuki 190, the ROAD is the same

Whether you fly business class or economy class or first class or even use your own private jet, your DESTINATION doesn't change

Whether you wear kpako watch or a Rolex or a Titan, TIME remains the same

Whether you use iphone 30 or inifinix or nokia torch, or samsung, the people who CALL you are the same

Whether you eat chicken alacarta or mama put without or isi ewu or potpouri, the OUTCOME would always be faeces

There's really nothing wrong with dreaming and even living a luxurious lifestyle.

But what needs to be seen is that need doesn't become greed because needs can always be met but greed? it is quite insatiable!!!!


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