Monday, March 20, 2017

International Day Of Happiness

Every year on the 20th of March, the World celebrates International Day of Happiness.

The essence is to help world citizens keep at bay all issues that buffet them in their lives and just be happy.

I keyed into this maxim so many years ago when I realized that my happiness is really not dependent on the things I have achieved in life or the things I own, not even in the Wife and Children but in knowing that Christ came and died for me and that God is always there with and for me despite the circumstances and situations.

But I know that some people still think that their happiness is dependent on achieving one thing or the other; if only they can learn from me that happiness is not an event but a journey.

If your happiness is dependent on your achievements, then it will always be ephemeral and transient, because as soon as the euphoria of the achievement wears off, you enter into a despondent mood again.

When your happiness streams from inside because of the love of God in you, no matter what is happening around you, you'd always muster the courage to be happy.

Though we keep getting bad news about persons who take their own lives, it is really tragic but no one has the right to take his or her own life NO MATTER WHAT.

No matter how much the vicissitudes of life bellow on us, SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION

Today, just be happy and enjoy your life



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