Monday, February 6, 2017

After Secondary School...

From Pete Edochie

Some of your classmates have gone out of the country, some are now graduates, some have gotten married, some have given birth, some are dead too don't forget that, some haven't even gained admission into the tertiary institution, but you know that feeling when you meet your classmate, and it seems like he/she has reached his dreams and you're not yet close to yours?

Yea, somehow feels like jealousy, its a normal feeling. But, You must not regret your life. 

We all are different and our path to greatness is not same in distance. Some might reach before you, some might reach after you but whatever level you are presently, please keep trying to break limitations and move further. 

Celebrate the success of others, it's an application for yours. Your friend buys a car now, be happy with him/her. Remember when you get yours, theirs wouldn't be the latest again. 

Life is not by competition, if not we all Will be born into one type of family, one religion and same everything. The passion in you, never quench. The desire in you, keep it burning. what you pass through, write it down because one day the world will be ready to read it.

There's no height you cannot attain, just believe, define goals and recognize distractions, spend time teaching yourself, because the things that mainly take people to the top, is the things they devoted time to develop. 

Don't be intimidated by your fellow's success, the sky is too wide that the birds can fly without touching themselves.


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