Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This November, What's Your Game Plan?

You know that the year 2016 is on its last lap, it has commenced its initial descent, it will row over mountains, ford all the clouds, dip into valleys before finally descending and arriving its destination; but before that you need to decide what to do with its movements.

Every Pilot has a route map for every journey he has to undertake; if he deviates from the route, he would definitely not arrive at his earlier destination unless he gets back to the course.

At the beginning of this year, you made some resolutions and then created a route map to achieve them before the year ends.

That route map is your game plan to achieve your goals this year.

That game plan had a number of goals that were to be achieved bit by bit

Look, God had a game plan when He created the world.

There was something he did on the first day.
There was another thing He did on the second day. etc. 

And so the 11th month of the year is here

What's your game plan?
What goals are to be achieved this month?
What's the route map towards achieving them?

Are you still struggling with making money online?
Do you want to create a 2nd stream of income?
How about losing some extra fat?
Or doing that which you have been wanting to do all this while?

Whatever you want to do or wish to have?
Get a game plan

You cannot win this game of life without a game plan. I mean if you are to win in your academics, finances and spiritual life, you need a game plan.

If you are to succeed in your business, relationships and health, you need a game plan.

What is your game plan my friend? What specific routines and rituals are shaping your daily actions? 

If things are to change, you need take hold of how you spend your time. And the best way is to create a success plan, 

Yes you can my friend.

You can create your game plan for your success today.

And if you need help on the way, I am here for you

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