Saturday, October 22, 2016

Your Mission Is Not Yet Over!!!

Even though you have heard it several times over, but it needs to be reiterated - "You are not on planet earth by accident"

Even if they termed the pregnancy that brought you into this world as "unwanted pregnancy" God does not deal with unwanted things, He deals with wanted things and so if He allowed it to happen, then He does want you.

You therefore need to know that The Owner of the Universe, The Creator, The One Who Gives Life, designed that you'd be here and that's why He brought you here and in bringing you here, He has a mission for you.

The sole mission of every man or woman in this world is "to make his or her environment better than s/he met it"

And God had deposited in you all the tools you need to succeed in that mission He has assigned you but it is you that will identify which area of strength that you need to concentrate on.

Find your area of strength and carry out that mission

If He brought you back to life today, then know that your mission is not yet over and strive to accomplish it.

I wish you the best of today

Make the most of it




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