Monday, October 17, 2016

A New Day Has Come

Glory be to God, a new day has come!

Of all the days before now, none has been like it and when it is gone, none would be like it.

Each new day brings with it new opportunities, which give us the chance to showcase the stuff that we are made of.

Today's opportunities include

*Clothing the naked - if you can't clothe a Community of naked people, clothe just one person
*Feeding the hungry - if you can't feed a Community of hungry people, feed just one person
*Giving water to the thirsty
*Visiting the Prisoners - especially Prisoners of Conscience
*Visiting the Sick - comforting them and giving them hope
*Ensuring justice for the widow and the fatherless
*Praying for the well being of others

These are opportunities that are to make us feel good within us when we have done them and feeling good within is what real and genuine happiness is all about.

Use the opportunities offered by Today and make the most of the day

Life is all about chances, I take all my chances and I would advise you to also do same

One love People

I'll see you on the morrow





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