Monday, October 31, 2016

People, It's The Newest Month In The Universe!!!!

It's November, the eleventh month of the year 2016

It has pleased God to bring us into it and for that there is a purpose

In it, He shall
provide for us
sustain us by His Mighty Right Hand
protect us with His Wings
defend us with His Shield
enable us to be that He wants us to be
awaken our cold spirits to His Service
love us like never before

This November, God shall uplift us beyond our expectations
He shall turn His Face to us and brighten our days
He shall not let the sun smite us in the day time nor the moon in the night
And He shall not let our feet hit upon any stone

It surely shall be a very joyful, purposeful and fulfilling month

Happy New Month to all my friends



As October Comes To An End!!

It's Monday and the last day of the 10th month of the year popularly called October.

By 12 midnight today, we shall be saying goodbye to October and welcoming November

It has been a very wonderful month.

It came with its promises and it delivered them all; it is not going back with any of them.

Thanks be to God Almighty for His Grace and Mercy which He showered on us all through the month.

His Praise shall continually be in our mouths

We wait with faithful hope for November

Bye October


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Are You A Burden To The Society?

Think the world owes you something? 
Guess again.

You're not entitled to anything.


Not a single thing is bestowed upon you for simply existing.

The only thing you are entitled to is what you go out and take through hard work and persistence.

In fact, you owe the world your best, it's time to do away with your entitlement mentality, and it's time to grind.

The grind isn't a destination, it's a daily habit.

Everyone needs to strap on their working caps, not only to put food on the table, but also to earn favorable credentials earmarking them as productive members of society.

Anyone who is capable of grinding but chooses not to is simply a burden to society.

But there's more to life than the daily grind--it's called hustling.

Hustling is grinding on steroids.

But to get high, hustlers don't use drugs. They use strategic thinking, smart processes, goal setting, value generation, and positive psychology.
Vibe to the art of the hustle as I give you ideas and pointers to take your game to the next level.

Respect the hustle and massive results will follow.

Here's how:
 Forget inspiration and focus on habit.
Your success depends more on habit than on inspiration because good habits consistently deliver results, whether you are inspired or not.

In contrast, inspiration comes only once in awhile and you won't get anywhere relying on something that's sporadic.

Habits are ingrained into your subconscious and become part of who you are.

Imagine being on autopilot with your destination set for success. That's how hustling works and it takes new habits to hustle your way through your school work, career, business, or personal life.

Ask me about hustling and I shall take you into the Class

Call +234809-811-5050.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Truth About Getting Things Done

For some reason, the human creature seems to be wired to resist most what it should do most.

The longer we resist, the stronger that resistance grows.

It grows because the very act of resisting means we're feeding it our energy.

Bigger and bigger it gets. Every time it grows, we are gifted with yet another rational excuse for why we're not doing what we know we should do.

We just can't seem to get "it" done.
We can talk about it.
We can complain about it.
We can obsess about it.
We just can't actually DO it.

Why would we possibly do this to ourselves?

Well, I have one reason. And that reason has to do with what we might find on the other side of "done."

On the other side of done is the truth.

What happens when the truth shows-up?

What happens is that you get there, realize you're NOT DEAD, and that you have to figure out what to do with the rest of your life.

How about turning this dynamic upside down?

What happens if, instead of fearing the day the truth arrives, you actively BRING IT INTO THE PRESENT and use it to be the person you're supposed to be?

You can't hide from the truth. It'll find you, sooner or later. How about you go run and meet it first?

I would appreciate an answer from you

Written by:      Jason Leister

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The "Witch" Lives In You

Often I hear people complain of how they have remained stagnated for years, how nothing ever works for them  and they believe "erroneously" though that there is a witch somewhere that is making life difficult for them.

They see the witch in their dreams every night, they are always being pursued by the devil and his demons, they always imagine the worst whenever they have the opportunity to think.

They think that someone took their picture to some coven and that's where their destinies are tied down.

They listen to any and every "man of god" that comes around.

They have done so many "family deliverances" and even "personal deliverance"

And yet, nothing seems to happen simply because that "witch" lives in their heads, in their brains, in their thought processes.

Wrong beliefs, wrong thoughts, wrong actions would only be perpetuated by the "witch within"

When you are unable to think positively, the witch within is at work
When you are unable to take a step to actualize your dreams, the witch within is at work
When you know what to do but allow yourself to be paralyzed by too many analysis, the witch within is at work
When you attend deliverance sessions and then go to sleep, expecting God to do for you what you ought to do for yourself, the witch within is at work

If your life sucks now, it is not because of any witch without but it is because of the witch within.

God lives in you Yes He does but so does the witch too!!

Unfortunately, God gave you the Power of Will and the Power of Choice and so whatever you allow in your life is ENTIRELY YOUR CHOICE

Until you kick that witch that lives in you out of your life, I'm afraid it will continue to suck!!!

Take your life back today!!!

Have a great day



Sunday, October 23, 2016

23 Traits Of Super Cool Leaders

Leadership is one of those nebulous terms -- you hear it all the time but it has various definitions.

The traits that make up a good leader can vary depending on the organization, team, manager and work environment.

Leadership can also vary in style -- are you someone who dictates the group and doesn't listen to anyone else's opinion? Or do you lead with a more bureaucratic or democratic style?

"Every leader has a particular style of leadership that is innate.

However, the behaviors, attitudes or methods of delivery that are effective for one staff member may in fact be counterproductive for another," says Michael Burke, account supervisor, MSR Communications, a public relations firm.

"Great leaders are aware of their own style and make the effort to learn how their style actually comes across to their team. They learn to flex their leadership style to individual team members so that they communicate and behave in ways that motivate and inspire."

Here are what five leadership professionals consider to be traits that make up a good leader:

Rachael Fisher-Layne, vice president of media relations, JCPR, a public relations agency

1. Honesty. Always do the honest thing. It makes employees feel like they know where they stand with you at all times.

2. Focus. Know where you're going and have a strong stated mission to lead people on. If you're not sure, how can your people be sure?

You have to have strong focus and stay the course.

3. Passion. Whatever it is, you must have passion for what you're doing. Live, breathe, eat and sleep your mission.

4. Respect. Not playing favorites with people and treating all people -- no matter what station in life, what class or what rank in the org chart -- the same.

5. Excellent persuasion abilities. People have to believe in you and your credibility.

Image is everything and the belief people have in you, your product, your mission, your facts or your reputation are key to being a great leader.

You have to persuade people of this -- it doesn't just happen.

Darcy Eikenberg, a leadership and workplace coach, Red Cape Revolution

1. Confidence. If you don't believe in yourself, no one will.

I hear leaders worrying that if they show too much confidence, others will think them arrogant.

The reality is people want to know what you know for sure -- and what you don't.

Having the confidence to say "I don't know" is a powerful skill.

2. Clarity. The only way you can get confidence is by becoming really, really clear about who you are and what is most important to you.

New leaders fail when they try to become all things to all people, or try to do too much out of their area of excellence.

Clarity helps you say "yes" to the right things -- and "no" to others.

3. Care. The strongest, most effective leaders I've met care not just about the business, but about the people in it and the people impacted by it.

Plus, they show they care through their words and actions, even proving how they care for themselves and their family by taking unplugged vacations and continuing their own professional development.

Care shouldn't be a four-letter word in our workplace today -- and the best leaders know it.

Tom Armour, co-founder, High Return Selection, a recruitment firm

1. Integrity. They are people who are respected and worth listening to. I find in general due to all of the economic difficulties, employees prioritize and seek leaders and organizations that are honest and meet their commitments.

2. Compassion. Too many leaders these days manage with the balance sheet, often times at the expense of their employees and long-term customer relationships.

Talented people want to work for leaders and organizations that truly care about their employees and the communities in which they operate.

3. Shared vision and actions. People produce real business gains and smart people need to understand what is needed and be part of the solution.

4. Engagement. Great business leaders are able to get all members of their teams engaged. They do this by offering them challenge, seeking their ideas and contributions and providing them with recognition for their contributions.

5. Celebration. In today's work environment, people are working very long hours and they need to take some time to celebrate their successes in order to recharge their batteries.

Those leaders who fail to do this create burnout environment overtime.

Mike Sprouse, CMO, Epic Media Group, and author of "The Greatness Gap"
1. Humility. True leaders have confidence but realize the point at which it becomes hubris.

2. Empowering. True leaders make their associates feel emboldened and powerful, not diminished and powerless.

3. Collaborative. True leaders solicit input and feedback from those around them so that everyone feels part of the process.

4. Communicative. True leaders share their vision or strategy often with those around them.

5. Fearlessness. True leaders are not afraid to take risks or make mistakes. True leaders make mistakes born from risk.

Nancy Clark, author of "18 Holes for Leadership"

1. Genuine. You need to be clear on what your values are and must be consistent in applying them.

As part of that, you need to have the courage to hold true to them.

You must not lose sight of reality.

Lost values may be one of the biggest causes of downfalls.

2. Self-awareness. You need to be clear on what your strengths are and what complementary strengths you need from others. This includes understanding others and learning how best to utilize their strengths.

Many unsophisticated leaders think everyone should be like them; that too can cause their downfall. They surround themselves with people like them. "Group think" can blindside them and cause failure.
3. Leverage team strengths. Part of awareness is don't expect people to change. If you think you can change someone, think again.

This doesn't mean you can't help them grow and develop. But don't expect to change anyone (even yourself) behaviorally.

We are who we are.

Your job as a leader is to understand each person's strengths and place them in positions where they can flourish and grow.

If you are good at that, you have a huge part of the equation for success.

4. Leadership transitions. Going from individual contributor to supervisor is only the first of many transitions along the leadership pipeline.

You need to understand the business model, how it applies to your current position, what you need to do to provide the greatest value, and how to leverage your strengths at this level.

This requires building competencies and focusing on the right things.

No one ever tells you that there are many levels and many adjustments you need to make along the way.

5. Supportive. You need to foster a positive environment that allows your team to flourish.

Also by aligning the reward and recognition systems that best match your teams profile and deliver results.

Source:     CNN