Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Choose Your Hard

Right from my childhood, I was never under the illusion that this world is a bed of roses or that anyone can get whatever he wanted just on the platter of gold.

This was simply because my Father (God rest His gentle soul) drummed it into my ears every 5 am of every day except Sundays that "hardwork is the only way to survive on earth"

He told me that there is dignity in labour and that despite what the world may be saying, honesty is still the best policy.

So I grew up with those principles etched close infact very close to my heart.

I have traversed several fields of endeavour
I have traveled to so many Countries
I have interacted with so many people from various ethnic backgrounds, cultures and family backgrounds
and I have found out that my Father was not wrong.

It is HARD work to be self motivated
It is HARD work to become successful in any field of endeavour
It is HARD work to be broke with untainted hands

However you look at it and frow whichever prism you are viewing, it is HARD to do anything at all.

But because life has to be lived
because success has to be achieved
because people need to be motivated
and if you are to do all these and more
then you simply must learn to choose your own HARD

I chose mine donkey years ago and I have never had a minute of regret

If you don't know which to choose, contact me

My name is Dr. Oguzie Jerry - the First: JP
and I am here for You



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