Saturday, September 10, 2016

Are You Addicted?

I know that as soon as you read the title, you are likely to think that you are not addicted and so you may not wish to continue reading this write up, well I advise you to continue and finish it, you would be surprised.

I remember sometime in the year 2000 when someone put that question to me; well, I didn't know where he was heading to and because I have certain addictions, I answered him Yes I am addicted

I was addicted to cleanliness (infact I could pass for being obsessed with clean and neat environment including personal cleanliness - I used to bathe 3 times in the day - lol)

I was addicted to arriving at my work place not just on time but early enough to beat everyone to it (infact, the competition then was between me and the Head of the Hospital where I worked - it's either he's given me 2 minutes to arrive first or I was giving him 2 minutes to be the first to arrive)

I was addicted to work (oh dear - I could be at my place of work from 7 am to 7 pm whether or not I was on duty. I used to cherish bringing smiles to the face of worried patients when I have taken care of their health challenges)

And so I reeled out my addictions to the guy but you know he had the patience to listen to me and after that he just burst out laughing.

He laughed so hard that I thought I had screwed up or something and then he said to me - "Doc, you just don't get it" and I was like - What????

And he said to me. listening to you and your work ethics, I can surmise that you have a very dangerous addiction - "Addiction to Monthly Salary"

Ahaaaaaaa - is that where he was going I asked him?
Yes- he replied

Do you have any other source of income apart from your monthly salary - he asked me?

Yours faithfully was guilty as charged. I was so much in love with my job and my patients that I made no thought to start something else on the sideline which would be bringing me extra income.

My family and I learnt to "manage" my monthly counted money called Salary

His exposition removed the scales from my eyes and I could see clearly that there was no future in the way I was headed, so I had to enroll in my first Networking Business and since then I have not looked backwards.

That was 16 years ago

Today, it is my turn to ask you same question
You that has a job that you love to hate, are you dangerously dependent on your Salary alone???

Are you addicted to your monthly salary?
You know how sweet addictions can be!!!

Well if you are, I am sorry to tell you right here and now that there is no future there!!

And don't tell me that you are damn too busy - so were these Pensioners who gave their lives to serve their Nation and today their Nation does not care a hoot about their left over lives

And don't tell me that you will think about it - there's just nothing to think about but something to do

And don't tell me that you know it all - you just don't get it because if you do, you'd drop whatever you are doing wrong right now and get yourself on the side of your future

The future is not tomorrow, the future started yesterday, today is still a good day to fine tune it but take it from me, if you don't create the future that you want, others will create it for you and all you can do is to whine and complain until death does us part!!!!!

Let me repeat the question - are you hooked on your monthly pay?

if yes, please for the sake of anything you hold dear - GET UNHOOKED TODAY

I am willing to help you


My name is Dr. Oguzie Jerry - the First: JP
and I am here for you



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