Monday, September 19, 2016

A New Day To Soar Like The Eagle


Just as I was transiting from the land of the unknown to the land of the living this morning, the word SOAR kept repeating itself in my head.

At a point, I had to say it loud and then as I thought about it, it appears like I am to give someone that word so that he or she can know that all hope is not lost

It is easy to be dumbfounded about the things going on right now in Nigeria - of all the lies and deception; of the propaganda; of the numerous guffaws that have trailed this Government in Power, of the heartlessness in administration

It is easy to be confused of our position in the Lord because of the things happening around us

It is easy to lose hope as if none is in sight

It is easy to give in to the hopelessness, pervading poverty, dangerous hunger, unmitigated joblessness that surround us.

But this morning, I am bringing you a message of hope - You shall soar again.

Do not mind the wicked people presiding over the affairs of this Nation,
their time is set and it is not FOREVER

Instead of sitting at one place and bemoaning your fate, take your destiny in your hands and run with it

Find something to keep your hands busy - but let them be genuine and legitimate things because those who must kill to arrive at success would have death waiting as the sentinel at their doors.

Give yourself wings and soar above the missiles and darts of those who are desperate to continue raping Nigeria and those who are deaf to the cries of the masses including those who have gone dumb because they made a mistake in asking for support for the despots in power.

The eagle never gives up on what it considers sacrosanct.

For as long as God allows you, your life is sacrosanct. Don't give up on it

Today, take this challenge, rise up, wing yourself and soar above the clouds like the eagles do

Have a wonderful day

My name is Dr. Oguzie Jerry - the First: JP
and I am here just for you



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