Sunday, August 14, 2016

Shred The Hatred

Over the years, I have learnt to be on the brighter side of life and that is ALWAYS

It does not mean that I have never been hurt - far from it, I have been hurt so much even by those who ate from the same plate with me.

I have been blackmailed - those I brought into my own very house, under my own roof, have turned around to stab me at the back
I have been called names - even those that I went out of my way, bent over backwards to accommodate and please

I have been used and dumped - even by those I personally lifted out of the gutters

I have suffered indignities from the hands of those who should know my worth and promote me as such

Persons I have helped have turned around to take advantage of me

In all these and through them all, I have a choice
To choose to HATE with all the fibres of my heart or to choose to FORGIVE and forge ahead with all the fibres of my heart

And I chose to forgive and forge ahead
and you can't imagine how peaceful it is within me.

Hatred is a dangerous emotion especially when the object of hate is within visual reach.

Not only does hatred release the danger hormones in the body which cause havoc to the nervous system and thus lead persons down the path of stress, hypertension and heart disease but hatred also slowly eats the practitioner away.

So it is for my own good health that I choose to forgive and I tell you it has helped me over the years.

If you are harbouring hatred for anyone or any tribe or any behaviour or any character, it is your choice to #shredthehate today and set yourself free.

God bless you richly



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