Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Are You Still Waiting For Tomorrow?

When we were old enough to know the difference between Adam and Eve, we also got to know that there are 3 Important terms in this world with respect to our existence on this Planet and the things we need to do to get life on living terms.

Those terms are: Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow
Of those 3, the one that is in the present and makes a whole lot of sense is TODAY.

All the achievements that men and women have made in this life were done on a day that was TODAY in the era they were made.

Today is real and available and anyone can start improving on themselves and live their reality.

Living in Today has many advantages.

When a today passes, it becomes a YESTERDAY

And though many people like to live in the past especially if their living conditions were better in the past than in the present; but those who really know themselves know that there is no greater opportunity presented by any of those terms I have used above than Today.

However, all of us have great expectations for TOMORROW
We grew up hearing that tomorrow would always be better than today
Most of us have lived that sentence almost all our lives
We have been in the wings and waiting for the magical wand that would change our lives conditions when tomorrow arrives
We have attended seminars and workshops that should actually improve our lives if implemented today but we wait for tomorrow when we would have been appropriately empowered
We listen to the Pastor's Preaching and we wait for Tomorrow when the Word shall be fulfilled in our lives even if we refuse to lift a finger to help ourselves
We hear Motivational Speakers tell us how we need to take our destinies into our own hands and turn around our fortunes, but tomorrow beckons and so we close our eyes and live in eldorado in our heads while waiting for tomorrow
We learn skills that we need to sharpen and earn from, but the ubiquitous tomorrow is waiting for us to wait on her and not act out what we have learnt

And finally when tomorrow arrives, we find out that it has just become another Today and that we ought to have done what we needed to do when we had to do it because tomorrow is like opportunity cost - it is very expensive.

Are you still waiting for tomorrow?

Take a small piece of advise from the man who saw Tomorrow, if you live out today in all its ramifications, tomorrow will meet you prepared to take it on.


And while you do that, I pray that the Good Lord would bless all your hustles

I am Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP
Your Friend



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