Wednesday, June 15, 2016

So You Want To Make Money?

So you want to MAKE MONEY?
So you want to be FABULOUSLY RICH?
So you want to have so much to spend that nothing is a problem to you again except how to spend your money?

And you think the way to make the money is by lying on your bed and dreaming about it?
You think that the way to make money is by wishing for it?
You think that the best way to make money is by going for all night and asking God to do a miracle?
You think that the best way to make money is by pursuing every "man of God" that you hear of and receiving "anointing to make money"


My dear, I am sorry to tell you today that NONE OF THESE CHANNELS would ever give you the money you need to be really rich.

While it is necessary to wish for money
While it is good to dream about money
While it makes a whole lot of sense to pray for money

but (and that's a big BUT) UNTIL YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT MAKING MONEY, the money that maketh rich and wealthy would never come!!!!! and that is the TRUTH

So you want to make money????

GO DO IT!!!!!!!



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