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6 Tips To Make Every Day Perfect By Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne Teaches 6 Tips to Make Every Day a Perfect Day

And having learned from his own experiences, with the advantage of hindsight, he now uses this same structure in his teachings.
Find out how this system helped Craig to overcome his anxiety, and how this same structure can help you to achieve your goals.

#1 Planning And Preparation

In 2006, Craig hired Tom Venuto as his business coach.
Tom’s first question was ‘What do you want your business to look like in 5 years?’
Craig’s answer was to have a business like Early To Rise, which was run by Mark Ford at the time. He’d been a fan of the website and was a signed-up member since 2001.
Well, 5 years, 3 months and 17 days later, he found himself buying Early To Rise with friend Matt Smith in 2011, with whom he’d already invested in a business with.
So not only is he now running a business ‘like’ the one he’d always admired, but he is running the exact same business. And that’s pretty cool.
Having a goal you want to achieve means you can put measures in place to keep you focused on achieving it, regardless of whatever it may be.
People are often resistant to rules, but you may not realize that you play by the rules every day. They are what gives us the freedom to live our lives without chaos.
When you drive to work in the morning, you stop at traffic lights, keep to the speed and drive on the right side of the road. They help us to get to our final destination safely.
By creating rules for your day, it allows you to make the right decisions automatically. And boundaries can help to protect us from ourselves.
Having a schedule for your day means that nothing gets forgotten, and you don’t find yourself becoming distracted either.
Procrastination is the Achilles Heel for the human race. How many days have we lost to doing things of no circumstance when we should be doing something far more important?
Having a plan could mean you have a designated time when you check your emails, rather than reading them as they come in and becoming side-tracked. Or setting rules for how people get in contact with you, and restricting the length of a meeting.
These all enable you to work more effectively and become more productive. That way, you really can clock off at 5pm to spend the rest of your day relaxing with your family; or whatever you chose to do.
By better planning his life and managing his workload, it helped to reduce some of the anxiety he was suffering.
Taking control of your time is perhaps the most powerful tool to help you achieve your goal.
Part of that is because we no longer have time to think.
That’s why Craig suggests waking up 15 minutes earlier 6 days a week, and just sit with a pen and paper. Have in mind the one problem, or thing you want to change, in your life now. Then start to write down ways of solving or achieving it.
It works for any aspect of your life, whether that be business, relationships, health, or whatever. It costs nothing and helps you to implement changes which will help you get to an end destination.

#2 Become Accountable

Craig’s No. 1 mistake is not getting a mentor earlier. He admits he was too stubborn, before finally taking action in 2006.
However, he now thinks of it as one of his most invaluable business choices, and wouldn’t be anywhere near where he is today without it. And having that accountability to someone else was another step towards tackling his anxiety.
Craig not only hired a business coach but yoga and meditation coaches as well. And you can find a coach for almost any aspect of your life which you feel needs improving.
There are many different levels of coaching available. And the amount you need is bound to change as your business continues to grow.
Virtual mentors are people you follow online by reading their blogs, and watching their videos. Even reading their books helps.
For Craig, it was Mark Ford’s (also known as Michael Masterson) book Ready, Fire, Aim which really helped him. By picking someone who has achieved similar success to what you want, learning from them is a great method of achieving it.
In fact, he says it’s a book which you need to read as an entrepreneur. In it, Michael shows you how business really works at every stage of a business’s growth.
With the information you gather, you can then invest that in improving your business. Then you can progress to the next level of coaching, by having a mentor who has been there and done that.
They’ll then help you to move up to the next stage, by listening to their experiences and learning from the mistakes they inevitably made in their progress.

#3 Surround Yourself With Cheerleaders

A common complaint is that people are surrounded by others with a negative disposition.
It’s often true that you’ll find people don’t want you to succeed. Or despite the best efforts and good intentions of your friends, they just don’t understand what you’re hoping to achieve.
So it’s important that you surround yourself with the right kinds of people.
Craig was lucky to have some friends who themselves had to deal with anxiety in their lives, so they could support him through the rough times.
We’re not all perfect. And inevitably, when you hustle and grind like Craig, you’re doing to have times when it gets on top of you.
But you need to have people around you who do understand what you’re going through. And the internet provides us with an easy method of connecting with other like-minded people.

Having a social network of people who are in your marketplace is invaluable. And this could consist of people you talk to on forums or perhaps have met at a seminar.
Either way, this means you have people to turn to when things do get tough.
And in the end, talking to positive people about dreams means they will go out there and help you to get them.
It is because of Matt Smith that Craig was able to achieve the dream he never thought possible. Otherwise, it may have completely passed him by.

#4 The Meaningful Incentive

Having a good reason to do something is the best way of achieving it.
If you’re wanting to lose weight just because social convention says you should, then it’s likely you’re going to fail. But by tackling the reason, and having a good source of motivation, you’re more likely to succeed.
Wanting to look good for your wedding day, for example, is a far better reason for losing weight, and has a far more solid base from which to build success on.
And having the need to tackle his anxiety was reason enough for Craig to succeed.
It was through his Turbulence Training program where he discovered, by chance, that you needed these five elements if you hope to succeed.
He discovered that all the people who won his transformation weight loss competition all had similar pillars of success. Whereas those who dropped out after a few weeks were missing a few of those elements.
And it was only with the power of hindsight that they were at the heart of his own success as well.

#5 Meeting A Deadline

The final part of the formula is the setting of a deadline.
A goal without a deadline is just a dream. But by setting a time to complete it by, it’s far more likely that you’ll achieve it. It’s necessary for any transformation.
For Craig, he had the deadline of being well by the time he launched his new product in 2006, which happened to be his Turbulence Training. He managed it with a month spare.
And it is the importance of this deadline that Tom asked Craig about where he hoped to be in 5 years’ time. He may not have realized it at the time, but he was setting himself a goal and a deadline to achieve it by. And he managed that deadline too, thereabouts anyway.
That’s why it’s important that you create a vision for your future self. Perhaps in 3 to 5 years?
You may want to own your own house, married to your partner, with two snazzy cars and a successful business which allow you a lavish lifestyle.

#6 You are Never Too Old

But don’t forget you can do this at any age.
Perhaps it could be that you still want to be volunteering and staying active, despite your impending retirement.
Whatever it is you want to achieve, craft that vision and set yourself an age to achieve it by. Having a distinct destination for your life can help you to make the right decisions.
It helps you to concentrate on the things which count, focus on what matters and decide what’s important. You can then side-line the things which will distract or hinder you on the road to achievement.


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