Saturday, May 28, 2016

There's Work To Be Done

My People,

Greetings of the new day to you

Here is hoping that you and yours woke up well and are keying into God’s plan for you today. May His Holy Name be continually praised now and for ever Amen.

It’s a Saturday and the much awaited weekend is here

Oh how good it feels to just sleep on, to just lie in and sleep as if there are no headaches in the world, as if we have no challenges, as if we don’t even want to come out of bed again

But my dear, sleep what you may, there is still work to be done.

For until we arrive at that stage in life when
--  there are no more hunger and injustice,
--  no more abject poverty, want and penury,
--  no more hankering after things that do not belong to us,
--  no more politically motivated killings and kidnappings,
--  no more degradation of the environment,
--  no more discrimination against persons based on their gender, class, ethnic origin, shape of their heads, colour of their eyes, sexuality, diseases or their likes,
--  no more economically motivated killings,
--  no more BOKO HARAM,
-- no more FULIANI JIHADISTS masquerading as Cattle Rearers
--  no more Scientifically Packaged Lies against the People
--  no more BOGUS CLAIMS by Persons in High Offices of things they have done when it is obvious that all they have done is to loot the people blind
--  unemployment and underemployment reduced to barest minimum …..

Until then, my dear friend, THERE IS WORK TO BE DONE

So don’t over sleep in the guise of resting from the stress of the week, for even today would come with its own stress. We were born in stress, through stress and in stress do we live.

Do the needful, rest yes but wake up to pursue your goals for the day. A day without goals is a wasted day

It’s the weekend people

Live your life well

Happy weekend

Bless and be blessed



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