Friday, May 20, 2016

Thank God It's Friday

It really doesn't matter if things are turned upside down or inside out.

The important thing to note is that every day God continues to give us a new opportunity to right the wrongs of yesterday, a new vision, new hopes and new dreams

Just like today, He has brought us into it so as to give us the opportunity to make something better out of ourselves better than we did yesterday.

The onus lies in us to utilize the time He has allotted to us maximally.

There really should not be the case of postponing for tomorrow that which can be done today.

Fill every minute of today with actions and activities meant to upgrade you in His Sight and then you would be proud to say at the end of the day -"sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof"

And rightly so, you would be singing in your head everywhere you go today
"Thank God it's Friday"


May you have an awesome day

One love

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP



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