Monday, April 4, 2016

With Respect To Getting The Results You Want - Are you #LUKEWARM Or #HOT?

On the 1st of January 2016, I am sure that just like so many other people, you made a New Year Resolution and the likelihood that one of them was "to earn more money this year" is 95%.

It is now 4 months into the year, how far have you gone in achieving that resolution of earning more money this year?

If you are my friend on facebook, the possibility that you have read on my wall or received directly in your inbox, posts from me on how to earn more this year is 90%.

What have you done with all the opportunities that I have so far brought your way?

Are you still Temporizing? Soliloquizing? Analyzing? Waiting for the RIGHT MOMENT? or just practicing Mental Laziness?

Does every opportunity stink to you? or taste sour in your mouth?
When you look at an opportunity, is all you smell, see and hear - scam? 419?

Like seriously?

Are you still sitting on your hard seat arm chair and complaining to all who care to listen how life has been unfair to you?
Are you still waiting for the Government to provide you with job when her own job is at stake due to the world's economic crisis?
Are you still blaming everybody in your environment about your lack of progress and refuse to blame yourself who ought to take the shot?

When shall you come to the full realization that "Governance and Government have failed?"
And that you are solely responsible for building your own economy?

The truth is bitter and will always be but you need to know that until you DO AWAY with flimsy excuses, alibis, reasons, postulations, justifications for your state of lack, and start acting on things that 
will move you ahead, you will likely remain where you are.

I have given myself the onerous task of helping 100 persons start some beneficial businesses (Online (Internet), MLM, Network Marketing, Referral) in the next 60 days and I would like you to be one of them.

Listen, stop all you are doing right now and give a thought to this question - What would you do, if you knew that you would not fail?

Answer that question and then get back to me so that you can join our fast track team of successful people

Remember if you don't do it NOW, a year from now, you would ask yourself why you started out so late.

Nothing costs more like a missed opportunity

Stop allowing opportunities to pass you by

To be successful in any sphere of life, you must have a HOT DESIRE to succeed.

Luke warmness does not pay so much so that even the Holy Spirit of God said He would spew lukewarm people out of His Mouth - you can just imagine that.

So today, choose to be hot in pursuit of success and happiness and I would be here to give you every help and support

If this resonates with you, get back to me and let's get started, the day is far spent already

See you on the other side

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP

Imo/Whatsapp:    0705-994-9508


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