Wednesday, April 27, 2016

7 Days Goodness Challenge

A friend recently came to me for advice. 

His brother had been 'in a funk,' and needed something to lift his spirits. 

Together, we decided on a 7-Day Goodness Challenge. 

Each brother is holding the other accountable to take action on each of these goals. 

Please join them. 

Do one "goodness act" each day. 

Let me know how it changes your outlook on life. 

1) Perform a random act of kindness... buying coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks, buy flowers for the office, etc. 

2) Connect with an old friend... someone you haven't seen in 5 years 

3) Make a career connection between two good people you know 

4) Do 3 minutes of mid-day meditation 

5) Volunteer to walk a friends dog 

6) Mail a thank you card to someone 

7) Make a donation to food bank

Gratitude is just one of many ways to ensure Perfect Days

By Craig Ballantyne


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