Friday, March 11, 2016

You Never Can Tell

                                     God is Involved

Over the years, I have learnt that one should not allow his or her circumstances or conditions to define him or her but rather actually do the opposite. Define his or her circumstance or situation.

I am sure that you would have picked pieces of my story from here and there but I just want to tell you today that if I had allowed my circumstance to define me, I am certain that I would not have had as much favours as I have had up to the present.

And this is not saying that there is no place for God in one's life, of course there is. If nothing else - life and health but you see when He created us, He gave us a tool - will power - to make choices and decide on what is best for us. He of course knows what is best for us and had already done it, only asking us to make the choice ourselves but like men with will power, we may not be able to see the light when it is dim only when it is shinning brightly.

Just like I must have told you before, I was a Secondary School Teacher in the years 1983 to 1987.

It was rough being a Teacher in Imo State in those years because salaries were not paid on time (infact at one point we were owed 6 months salary); the morale of the Teachers was at its lowest, most men in the profession left to trade leaving only the women and of the men who stayed behind, they became more like gossip mills with the women.

A lot of us were frustrated, always sad,  never uttering any positive words, so much negativity, so much depression.

If I had allowed that my circumstance to define me, I surely would have ended up becoming a trader or something close to that.

But, I chose to define my situation, I knew that there was a brighter future even though the present time may be dark, I knew that heaven helps those who help themselves and that if I wanted to be a Medical Doctor, I was not going to be one by sitting in the Staff Room and gossiping or going a-trading, I knew that indebtedness was only for a season and that when the time is rife, I shall be paid.

So I reasoned within me and decided to act opposite to the general feeling in the air of where I worked.

It made a whole lot of difference

Because I chose that path, God located me and gave me His Hand which I held unto and am still holding unto and shall continue to hold onto it until the last moment.

God can turn your situation around, BUT you have your role to play because GOD WILL NEVER DO FOR YOU WHAT HE EXPECTS YOU TO DO FOR YOURSELF.

Today, look around you, are you letting the situation you are in define you? or are you setting yourself apart and defining the situation?

Remember, the CHOICE is ALWAYS yours

God bless you real good

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP



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