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How To Become Richer Than Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil company in 1870. 
He was the first American billionaire and one of the richest men to ever live.
I am sure many people today wish they could have walked in his shoes.
If, somehow they could, I think some would find it to be eye-opening.

Are You Richer Than John D. Rockefeller?

As wealthy as he was, Rockefeller might have had anything that money could buy. But what a few hundred dollars may buy today, couldn’t be bought with millions 150 years ago.
Today, we have central heating and air conditioning, cars, planes, Tempur-Pedic mattresses, iPods, and millions of other gadgets. Even Rockefeller in his day couldn’t buy air conditioning. Maybe he had fifteen people fanning him on a hot summer’s day (because he could afford it), but I would rather have air conditioning. He probably had chauffeurs to take him by horse and buggy all around town, but I would much rather be riding in a ten-year-old Chevy. Wouldn’t you?
If we change the way we think of “wealth” and compare our standard of living to Rockefeller’s, we’re doing pretty good. In fact, I would go as far to say the majority of Americans live an all-around more “comfortable” life than Rockefeller did. Who then, is actually richer?

How Much Do We Really Need To Be Happy?

If your household annual income is over $50,000, then you are in the top 1% richest in the world. (See for yourself at the Global Rich List.) And if we can agree that most of us are living a more comfortable life than a billionaire at the turn of the Twentieth Century, then shouldn’t we be happy with what we have?
Should the fact that someone is living a more comfortable life than we are make us less comfortable? Or couldn’t we be satisfied knowing that we live a more comfortable life than 99% of the world’s population, or the richest man 150 years ago?
And maybe we aren’t complaining — maybe we are just using our credit cards instead. Do we really need all the junk we are buying or are we forgetting how good we actually have it?

Why Not Keep Up With The Joneses?

What’s the point with all this? Why spend energy trying to be grateful for the things we have? Why not just try to keep up with the Joneses? Here are a few reasons:
Life is far more enjoyable when you are grateful. Grateful people divert their energy to seeing the good things they’ve been given rather than focusing on what they don’t have. This alone makes them much happier and far more enjoyable to be around.
You can save a lot of money. When you are thankful that you have a car rather than having to ride the bus everyday, it makes it a lot easier to break the habit of buying a new car every year. This can apply to anything — HDTV is great, but so is color TV. Remember when that was the new break-through technology?
Forgetting about the Joneses can set you free. Doing things to impress and appease other people is a dangerous trap. So many people voluntarily become “puppets” to those they are trying to impress — trading control of their lives for temporary social approval. Having been enslaved by it for years, I suggest forgetting about what the Joneses think. They’re overrated anyway.
You can actually enjoy the things you have. Everything loses a bit of its appeal as we get used to it. From a new pair of shoes, a new car, a spouse, or anything else — they are all really exciting while we are anticipating them. But, once we have them for a while, they just aren’t as exciting as they once were. By truly appreciating it and focusing on the benefits of it rather than the “greener grass” elsewhere we can truly enjoy what we have.
I don’t say all this to suggest that we all should live like we are hovering around the poverty line. I merely want to suggest that maybe, just maybe, we have it a little bit better than we think. Regardless of whether you have 60″ HDTV and new BMW or a 19″ Sanyo and a 10 year old Chevy — be grateful. Either way, Rockefeller would be jealous.
But godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied with contentment. -1Tim6.6

Original Article:    how-to-become-richer-than-rockefeller 

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5 Tell Tale Signs That You'ld Make A Good Leader

There’s no clear-cut path to leadership, and plenty of entrepreneurs go through life plagued by doubts that they really aren't cut out for leadership. 
By the same token, plenty of people with few managerial responsibilities never take a shot at leading—or even get a chance to.
But we now know that leadership isn't about some inherent quality or qualities. 
It's a series of experiences and habits, gathered over time, that lay the foundation for leading. 
So even if you don't see yourself as a leader, there’s a real possibility that you’re cut out to become one. 
You could very well be the prime candidate to take charge, inspire others, and help them grow.
Here are a few signs that you’re a leader, even if you didn’t know it.

Whether or not you're a leader, the fact remains that no one achieves success without some measure of failure. 
That's why we've grown so used to hearing about how failing can create opportunities to learn and do better the next time.
What tends to differentiate leaders, though, is the severity of their failures. 
Put simply, great leaders have usually failed harder than most. 
And while it isn't true entirely across the board, the depth of your failure can sometimes be a good litmus test for leadership—something that indicates the degree of risk you allow yourself to take. 
It's discouraging when some of them fall flat, but leaders ultimately learn how necessary that is for long-term success.
So have a look at your past failures: What have they taught you? 
Chances are, you may have learned enough from them to take on leadership responsibilities with those insights as your guide.

More and more these days, we tend to recognize that a key characteristic of great leaders is their modesty. 
Sure, they’re confident in themselves, but they know that there’s always more to learn. 
They approach every interaction as a chance to gain a new perspective, knowing it can change just about everything. 
It doesn’t matter who you’re speaking with—everyone can teach you something.
If that's your attitude, it's a great foundation for becoming a leader. 
Embracing this mind-set means you value everyone’s input, which not only helps you build loyalty among those you're hoping to lead, but helps lead you to make better decisions when you do.

The most effective leaders tend to be the most authentic
They're focused on being themselves above all else. 
It's true that they want to inspire and be great, but they don't want to do it falsely or by hiding behind a persona. 
It’s a sad truth, but a fair number of entrepreneurs spend more time carefully managing their public profile than they do in the trenches, working on their business.
If you're the sort of person who's stayed away from leadership because the apparent need to self-promote doesn't appeal to you, you might be in luck: 
That type of artificial bombast doesn't take leaders as far as you may think. 
Appearances are important, but the best leaders are loved because they’re unabashedly themselves.

It goes without saying that leadership takes hard work. 
Great leaders aren’t figureheads that comfortably sit in a private office; they’re the ones working just as hard as everyone else and deliberately placing themselves on the front lines. 
They know that greatness comes from getting their hands dirty. 
It might not occur to you that your powerful work ethic is a leadership quality all by itself, but the fact is that it's one of the most basic tools a leader can use.
Because they're so dedicated and immersed in things, leaders know what work has to get done in order to move ahead. 
That's where communication comes in. A friend of mine, Rob Grosshandler of iConsumer, tells me, "Leaders step up when things get difficult. Whether it’s a crisis, or just a tough situation, great leaders insert themselves, gather the troops, instill a sense of calm, scope out the situation, and then act."
Sometimes, he says, "All they’re initially communicating is the fact that they recognize there’s a problem. Then they do what they say they’re going to do." In other words, leadership isn't just talk—communication is all about supporting hard work and seeing it through.

Finally, great leaders don’t work only to satisfy their clients; they go the extra mile to ensure that everyone around them is happy as well. 
Take Southwest Airlines as an example, a company that’s known for how well it strives to treat employees
Believing that if team members aren’t happy, customers won’t be happy, CEO Gary Kelly works for his team, not the other way around.
You may be cut out for leadership if you're also passionate about collaborating with your colleagues and making sure everyone pulls together. 
Marcus Robinson, CEO and founder of hospitality technology company Monscierge, puts it perfectly: "I make it a point to know where each one of my team members wants to be in life when they finish ‘growing up.’ Even if Monscierge isn’t long term for them, I know that if I am contributing to their achieving set goals of perhaps owning a hotel one day, or getting a pilot's licence, that I’m building a world-class team. I strive to invest in people, not just employ them."
In other words, you may think aspiring to leadership is mainly about personal development, but you have to want to help others grow even more.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Be Thankful

The little things of life are what make life very interesting because they can actually rally into big things and big moments

Enjoy the little things of life and be thankful


Sunday, March 13, 2016


Good Morning

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Know Thyself

You are unique
Compare yourself with no one

Vacancy! Vacancy!! Vacancy!!!! ---- MTN Nig Is Recruiting

E-recruiter MTN Graduate Trainee



Programme Criteria
Qualification Minimum of a second class upper degree (2:1) or HND upper credit from a government- accredited Nigerian or foreign institution in any of the following field(s) of study:*.Actuarial Science*.Commerce* Computer Science*.Digital Marketing*.Engineering* Information Technology*.Marketing*.

Mathematical Sciences *.Psychology

Age and Experience
*.Age limit:26 years

*.Must have completed National Youth Service Corps
*.Must be fluent in English
*.Intermediate proficiency level in Microsoft Suite
*.No work experience is required


*.Customer Focus
*.Fast learner
*.Entrepreneurial thinking
*.Proactivity & self- motivation
*.Willingness to work in any assigned functional area/location


*.Digitally savvy, result- oriented and innovative
*.Strong numerate and analytical skills
*.Strong inquisitive skills
*.Continuous learning and adaptability to new technologies

*.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
*.Ability to collect, analyse and interpret complex data

*.Ability to keep up with current developments and trends
*.Excellent relationship-building and teamwork capabilities
*.Ability to prioritize effectively and accept challenging responsibilities
*.Ability to work under pressure

Behavioural Competencies
*.Must exhibit MTN Values of:

Leadership, Innovation, Relationships, Integrity, and a Can-Do attitude.
*.Must exhibit MTN Vital Behaviours:
Complete Accountability,
Get It Done,
Active Collaboration,
and Complete Candour.

Job Conditions

*.Normal MTNN working conditions
*.Open Plan Office
*.High performance culture
*.Relevant work permit
*.Valid international passport

Application Deadline: March 15, 2016

Happy Weekend All

Hello people,

Greetings of the new day. I am certainly sure that in His infinite mercies, God did wake you up hale and hearty, even as He did to me and mine, to Him alone be all the glory.

It’s Saturday too and the day for relacking, but while sleeping in late, while having fun, while sitting out, don’t forget to remember that THE WORLD IS NOT COMING TO AN END TODAY.
Live responsibly today.

So people I just want to wish us all – a Happy Weekend
Go, live

Every day as I always do, remind yourself that it is good to be alive

So, go make the most of it.

Have a great day

And I’ll see you on the morrow


Bless and be Blessed

Remember that I love you as always!!!!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2016

You Never Can Tell

                                     God is Involved

Over the years, I have learnt that one should not allow his or her circumstances or conditions to define him or her but rather actually do the opposite. Define his or her circumstance or situation.

I am sure that you would have picked pieces of my story from here and there but I just want to tell you today that if I had allowed my circumstance to define me, I am certain that I would not have had as much favours as I have had up to the present.

And this is not saying that there is no place for God in one's life, of course there is. If nothing else - life and health but you see when He created us, He gave us a tool - will power - to make choices and decide on what is best for us. He of course knows what is best for us and had already done it, only asking us to make the choice ourselves but like men with will power, we may not be able to see the light when it is dim only when it is shinning brightly.

Just like I must have told you before, I was a Secondary School Teacher in the years 1983 to 1987.

It was rough being a Teacher in Imo State in those years because salaries were not paid on time (infact at one point we were owed 6 months salary); the morale of the Teachers was at its lowest, most men in the profession left to trade leaving only the women and of the men who stayed behind, they became more like gossip mills with the women.

A lot of us were frustrated, always sad,  never uttering any positive words, so much negativity, so much depression.

If I had allowed that my circumstance to define me, I surely would have ended up becoming a trader or something close to that.

But, I chose to define my situation, I knew that there was a brighter future even though the present time may be dark, I knew that heaven helps those who help themselves and that if I wanted to be a Medical Doctor, I was not going to be one by sitting in the Staff Room and gossiping or going a-trading, I knew that indebtedness was only for a season and that when the time is rife, I shall be paid.

So I reasoned within me and decided to act opposite to the general feeling in the air of where I worked.

It made a whole lot of difference

Because I chose that path, God located me and gave me His Hand which I held unto and am still holding unto and shall continue to hold onto it until the last moment.

God can turn your situation around, BUT you have your role to play because GOD WILL NEVER DO FOR YOU WHAT HE EXPECTS YOU TO DO FOR YOURSELF.

Today, look around you, are you letting the situation you are in define you? or are you setting yourself apart and defining the situation?

Remember, the CHOICE is ALWAYS yours

God bless you real good

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Free Your Mind

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
none but yourself can save your own very soul

She Chose To Be Happy, How About You?


And talking about #opportunity, you have heard that
POOR is an acronym for Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly

Today presents another opportunity to you to enhance your earnings and achieve your life goals

Today sign up with any online business or networking business or referral business or multi level marketing business, to commence the journey

I can lead you if you allow me

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I would be most delighted to take you on this journey

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Coming Back From Sleep

Coming back from sleep to life is the greatest miracle of all times
if you doubt it, ask a dead man and hear what he will tell you

So, whenever a new day dawns and I have the priviledge to spend one more day on this side of eternity, I am always most grateful to my Maker

Because of all gods He is God

All other gods are the works of men
they hear not, they see not, they speak not, they touch not and they heal not. They are as dead as those who worship them

But my God is the Only True God
He hears, He feels my pains and agonies, He speaks to me, He touches me just when I feel lost, He's ALIVE  and He lives within me.
He is my Healer

If my God is not your God, then make haste and join up, the night is far spent

Have a glorious Wednesday
Remember it is our #AnointedWednesday
Let's go back to Him and refresh our anointing for exploits

God bless you real good

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP