Saturday, February 27, 2016

Life Goes On

Have you noticed how it is that no matter what is going on, people tend to go on with their lives?

Have you ever attended a burial ceremony?

Did you notice how the attendees are only sober during the commendation service and the internment and as soon as it is time for refreshment all hell is let loose as they hustle for food and drinks?

Have you been at the scene of a road traffic accident before?
Did you notice how drivers slow down to either see the site or attend to the victims of the accident but as soon as they enter their cars again, they drive at maximum speedometer level forgetting the speed limit and the advise of FRSC to "drive to arrive alive?"

How about the victims of natural disasters?
Did you notice how those not affected continue living their lives like nothing else matters?

We can go on and on to give examples but the truth of the matter is that, whatever loss anyone suffers is really personal.

Even though people may be by your side when you have suffered a loss, but your best bet is to encourage yourself from the inside because those persons move on with their own lives with time which may actually be in hours.

And even though one may not be able to control the elements in one's life and the happenings therefrom but one can learn to allow life to go on even when the taste of living is gone

Top of the day to you

Let God reign Supreme

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP



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