Saturday, February 6, 2016

Exciting Saturday

And the day is ------------ Saturday
It's the weekend, People and all good things of life are released today

You know, I look towards Saturday with some kind of nostalgia; you know!!!

A day to hang loose
A day to sleep in
A day to wake up later
A day to skip and squat
A day to let the hair down
Cut off all the protocols
And just live

Going bowling is an evening stuff
or playing tennis (table or lawn)
or even badminton
or you wanna squash somebody's balls
ejoor o o o

and hanging out with the guys to gulp and listen to good music - "after the reggae, play the blues....."

It's the weekend

Just live

And because of these activities that send spurts of adrenaline down our spinal column, we have declared this Saturday and every Saturday following as our #Exciting #Saturday.

Living can be quite exciting if we allow the spurts of adrenaline to spur us unto positive actions.

Today, do have a blast



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