Monday, January 11, 2016

As The New Day Begins

Hello People,

A new day is here

It is Monday the 11th day of January 2016.
It is also the beginning of the 2nd week of the new year

And in less than 3 weeks from now, the first month of the new year would be over and by then the year would have been old enough that we shall be on the watch out for 2017.

We have had some good times in the past 3 weeks, with the Celebrations that followed Christmas and New Year's day, with the fun and the enjoyment of the season.

We have spent that which we accumulated in 2015 and now the reserves are low.

Now is time to START AGAIN.

Whether you are in business for yourself but not by yourself, or in your own business or you work for another, this Monday provides the opportunity to start making money either on hourly or daily or weekly or monthly basis.

And if you are still searching for a job, I would advise you like I've done over the past years, "Get cracking at something, keep your mind busy and your hands occupied" that way, you won't give the devil the upper hand in your life.

And if you don't know what to start or how to start, give me a shout, I am at your service.

It's a new day people, be creative today and bring up new things that would impact our Society - TODAY

And as usual, may I wish you the best of the day!!!

Let God Reign Supreme

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP



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