Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's The Last Sunday Of The Year!!!

My friends, it is the last Sunday of the year 2015 and I just cannot keep quiet about it.

I want to shout a big Alleluia unto my God for making it possible for me and mine to be alive and kicking wella even to this very moment.

Our times are certainly in His Hands and He has shown that whatever or whoever is kept in the Hollows of His Hands can never be prized away without due process.

That He has seen us through from the 1st Sunday of this year which was January 4th 2015 to this last Sunday December 27th 2015 is no accident at all, it is part of His design to see that those who are called by His Name live out their life spans.

Today, if you have never gone to Church again after the 1st Sunday service, then for today, Go to Church, it is the last Sunday.

Ask God for GRACE and MERCY even to see us into the New Year 2016.

Have a very happy Sunday



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