Monday, November 16, 2015

What's In Your Wish Bucket?

 Hello my Friend

I am happy to come your way again and today I have a question for you.

But before I ask that question, I just want to tell you a short story.

Growing up was really fun for me because we lived in a Community where every parent was on the look out for any child whether his or not and so the kids of the neighbourhood had the opportunities to interact and play together.

During some of those plays, we had opportunity to make wishes especially if the thing wished for was happening right about then. For example, whenever we were together and an aeroplane flew past, most of us would look up to the sky with hungry wishes on our eyes, wishing that we were also in the plane as passengers or as the Pilot or even as owners of the plane.

When we saw a car drive past - in those days, they were mainly Peugeot Cars 403, 404 - we would wish that we are the owners of the cars.

Once when I went to a Hospital to visit my Mother after child birth, I saw the deference and respect accorded to the Medical Doctor by the other health staff and I wished I was a Medical Doctor.

So in those days, my wish bucket was filled up with all manners of wishes as diverse as they came.

However, as I grew older, I realized that I could not have "all my wishes" especially the ones that have to do with career and so I had to sort them out into the ones that can be realized within the time frame available to me and the ones that may have to remain in the wish bucket.

I have also gone ahead to become some things that I did not put in my wish bucket while growing up.

For instance, the internet was not even muted while I was growing up; online business was not even an idea then but in the last 35 years with the discovery of the WWW (the Internet), the World has actually become a global village and the internet has taken over the lives of billions of people including yours sincerely to the extent that I have not only become an expert in Health Care Management (which was in my wish bucket) but I have also become an expert in Online Business and Internet/Network Marketing and Services (which were not in my wish bucket while growing up).

Incidentally I have met up with all of my wishes in my wish bucket while growing up - God has been extremely gracious to me; so what I do now is to add to my yearly wish bucket one or two new adventures to pursue and which I usually break down into months and weeks and days.

This November I had wished to touch at least 10 lives in my #Financial #Empowerment #Workshops; so far I have touched 7 and still gat 3 to go before the month ends, would you like to be the next to be touched?

So that's my short story.

How about you?

What's in your wish bucket? even for this month of November?

But by the way, did you have anything in your wish bucket while growing up?

Share with me, I love reading stories of how persons overcame their challenges.

Hope to read from you As Soon As Possible (#ASAP)

I still remain your friend

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


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