Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stop Waiting For Government

 On one good day on the 14th of January 1970, the Nigeria - Biafra war came to a physical end (even though the psychological and spiritual wars have been on since then). The man who was presiding over the affairs of Nigeria then - Gowon declared it a "No Victor, no vanquished" war but we all know that it was physically mouthed but ----

Most of the landscapes of Eastern Nigeria were destroyed, her infrastructure especially Schools were leveled to the ground from the actions of the fighter planes used by the other side.

Even though the then Federal Government declared a state of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Re-integration of the East to the other parts of Nigeria, but again it was obvious that if it was not Gowon putting on his work clothes to ensure that those three legs were adequately implemented, no one else was willing to do anything about them.

After waiting for a while and with no help or assistance coming from the Federal Government to rehabilitate her battered infrastructure, the people of the South East introduced the Community Self Help Efforts to build for themselves that which the Government failed to build for them and so was born the "Project Launchings" that doted the landscape then and which was a common place thing during festivities especially Christmas in the South East.

Most funds raised from those launchings were used to rehabilitate debilitated Schools or Hospitals or Health Clinics and Centres or used to build Community Halls.

Some were used to even repair damaged roads.

The people of the South East knew that if they waited for the Federal Government of Nigeria to come and rebuild those infrastructure for them, they would be like "waiting for godot"

Those were the good old years of 70s and 80s and even early 90s

In May 2015, there was a change of government at the Centre - the Old PDP gave way for the New PDP = APC and it did not take one week before we started hearing that "Nigeria's treasury was looted", "We cannot fulfil our promises because the past regime stole all the money" even Adam Oshiomhole coming out from a hot honey moon session alleged that a Minister stole $6 Billion; at every turn, the APC had an alibi "The Economy was mismanaged by the past Administration"
There was no money in the Treasury, yet States that used the monies given to them to sponsor elections received bail out funds.

There was no money in the Treasury, yet high powered state visits were paid to France, Germany and USA

There was no money in the Treasury, the engine of Governance has not shut down and Government Business has continued to be conducted

There was no money in the Treasury and the National Assembly is yet to go on a fasting over her allowances

There was no money in the Treasury and the Judiciary has been involved in giving divergent judgements on same or similar cases

Finally just after coming back from India, the man that sits at the head of Nigeria's Government - Buhari - declared "Nigeria is Broke"

And the implications of that statement are quite obvious - until Nigeria becomes solvent again, expect NOTHING from us.
That's the message - loud and clear.

 Does anyone need a Seer or Soothsayer to tell him or her that there is fire on the mountain? and all that we need to be doing is run! run!! run!!!I
So are you waiting for Government intervention in any area of your life or that of your Community?
Are you an applicant waiting for the promised 3 million jobs every year?
Are you a Student waiting for the Schools Feeding Program?
Are you a Corper waiting for the N59k allowance?

Well, I can only advise anyone waiting for Government to come to his or her aid, to do something else and stop waiting for the Government.

Look inwards, use what you have, to start what you can right where you are.

A "stitch in time, does not only save nine, it actually saves nineteen"

Have a wonderful day



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