Friday, September 18, 2015

We Have Made Life Difficult For Ourselves

My Friends,

I greet you all.

I am so happy that I woke up well this morning and my happiness streams from the fact that God did it again for me. I was just meditating this morning and wondering how life would have been were it that this life sustaining gas called oxygen was to be purchased; I just wonder how many of us could have afforded it.

But in His goodness, He made the best things of life free for us – just name them, oxygen, chlorophyll, sun, rain, roots, herbs, e.t.c.

But in our complexity we have made life more difficult for ourselves and those around us.

Love has flown out of the windows
Sincerity of purpose is now a thing of the past
Trust has failed severally that it is now difficult to trust even one’s own biological siblings
Pretence and double - facedness have taken over the airspace
Blackmails, kidnappings, frame ups, high profile murders, assassinations, have become our daily bread
Lies, cheating, deceit, idle gossip, “fastness” are now the in-thing
Outright stealing even in the Name of the Lord has become a lucrative ministry
Celebration of mediocrity and banishment of merit on so many false altars
Foundations being built on sandy soil, muddy waters and slippery landscape
Living on the fast lane – “let us wine and dine today for tomorrow we die”

Life has become more complicated than God actually intended it.

Is it not time to head back to what God originally intended the earth to be – a place where man could live simply and enjoy – knowing fully well that in all things and no matter what we have accumulated or achieved, some day, just some day it would be said of us “dust to dust, earth to earth and ash to ash”

Knowing these things, what manner of men ought we to be?
What manner of men indeed??

That is why most times these days I hanker after that old time religion, when men were sincerely innocent even in their adult ages and actually believed God Whom they worshipped.

Give me that old time religion
Give me that old time religion
Old time religion is good enough for me

Father have mercy!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Friday

Bless and be Blessed

And don't you ever forget that I love you more than you love yourself

See you tomorrow

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP
Coach/Mentor/Author/Publisher/Motivational Speaker/Plan B Income Promoter/Health and Wellness Consultant


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