Sunday, September 6, 2015

Do Not Neglect The Assembly Of The Saints Together


While Jesus was moving around Judea, doing good, raising the dead, healing the sick, curing the infirmed, feeding the hungry, He had men with him who He described as His disciples.

The men around Jesus may not have really understood Who He was and what His Mission on earth was, but they followed Him.

Some of them abandoned their lucrative businesses and occupations to follow Him.

Some even abandoned their families and friends to follow Jesus.

However, when His earthly Ministry was coming to an end, Jesus cautioned His disciples  severally, reminding them of what He would pass through and what they would suffer for His Name's  sake; but it was quite obvious that they did not grab what they were told.

Then came the time for the glorification of the Son of Man and Judas thought He was doing the Jews a favour not knowing that it had been so ordained and in that particular night, Judas betrayed Him with a kiss and Peter denied Him three times; so that when eventually Christ was crucified on the Cross, His disciples SCATTERED. They hid from the public eye because they were afraid for their own lives too.

But when they came to themselves again, they remembered that their Master had advised them to be at one place until the Comforter is sent to them from above, who shall lead them into all the truth concerning the Father and the Son and shall give them grace to withstand the vissiccitudes of life; it was only then that they traced their ways back to the Upper Room, where they waited for the Comforter and it was shared that while there, they COMMUNED together in the BREAKING OF BREAD, in FASTING and in PRAYER.

They shared each other's burdens, they worked together to edify the gathering of God's people.

In our time, we have the Bible with us, it is the EXPLICIT WORDS of God exposed to us for our learning, our teaching and our edification.

And a Sunday presents a good opportunity for those who hunger after Christ (Christians) to COMMUNE TOGETHER, to share bread and to pray together.

A Church is the congregation of God's people and not necessarily the BUILDING housing the congregation and so when we go to Church on Sundays, we are not only fulfilling the injunctions of the Scripture but also and most importantly communing with God Who ALONE has the Power and Might to keep us safe.

Today, don't just go to Church, but go to COMMUNE with God.

When we pray earnestly for others, God hears the groans of our hearts and He answers

Have a very wonderful Sunday

Remember me in your prayers

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


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