Monday, September 28, 2015

Countdown To The End Of September

OMG!!!!! It's the 28th day of September 2015, and the month is hastening to an end.

Was it not but only yesterday that we welcomed September?
and in just two days time, the whole of the THIRTY DAYS would have ended?

Oh dear, how fast the days flew!!!!

This surely reminds me of the verse in one of my favourite hymns that goes thus

"A thousand ages in Thy Sight

Are like an evening gone
They fly forgotten as a dream
Dies at the opening day"

Of days and weeks and months?? They are all like an evening gone and are quickly forgotten just as dreams are forgotten as soon as the new day dawns.

So here we are, 28th of September, in 2 days time, September would be confined into the bin of history and all the deeds there-in done would be referred to as the past.

We give God all the Glory for His wonderful works in our lives (collectively and individually) in the month that is on its way out.

May His Holy Name be praised for ever and ever - Amen

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP
Medical Consultant/Life Coach/Mentor/Author/Publisher/Plan B Income Promoter/Health and Wellness Consultant/Entrepreneur/Blogger



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