Friday, September 4, 2015

Another New Day Is Here


My friends

I extend the fraternal greetings of my family members to you all with the good hope and expectation that the good Lord Whom we serve and worship did quicken up your spirits this morning and brought you back to life.

May His Holy Name be forever praised in Jesus Name - Amen

It's a new day today. I love new days, I love new beginnings because that is what any new day offers to us.

A new day offers us a chance to clean out the wrongs of yesterday and write in the rights of today.

A new day gives us the opportunity of reconciliation through forgiveness and open heartedness

A new day is surely a tonic for the heavenly minded to know that each new day takes us closer to 6ft below the ground because no man shall live on this side of the divide for ever.

Just another new day and certainly one to make us shine like we have never shone before

Why not make a better use of today's new day?

It shall soon pass and then it would never be called back.

And as you do that, may God bless every effort and struggle of yours to make your life better than it was given to you

Have a super day today

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP



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