Saturday, August 1, 2015

One Word For This Man???

There was this man who was so handsome but very poor.

He opined that the woman he would like to marry need not have to be beautiful, knowledgeable, good natured…., but only had to possess money.

The locals, who knew of his nature, were not willing to let him marry any girl from amongst them. So he went to different places looking for a bride.

In a distant town, he met a rich man.

He got a proposal to marry one of the rich man’s daughters. The rich man said, ‘I have a daughter who is twenty years old. If you marry her, I shall give you half-a-million dollars as dowry. I have another daughter who is twenty five years old and if you marry her, the dowry will be one million dollars. There is a third daughter who is thirty years old – and the dowry for her is two million dollars.’

As the rich man increased the age of the bride, the dowry amount went up correspondingly and he became very excited. He asked, ‘Do you have any daughter who is fifty years old and still unmarried?’

What do you think of this man?



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