Monday, August 24, 2015

He Is Always By My Side


My friends

Last night, when I put my head on the pillow after the day's activities, it did not take 5 minutes and I was off to the unknown land.

In one of the places I visited in my sleep, I was actively involved in the people's lives, issuing instructions, directing, giving counsel, and generally being of service to them, I don't know how I managed to be there but I found myself there.

Of course I knew I was a stranger there, because my Lady was not with me there and I couldn't identify my family there but I was well accepted and received like I have been there all along.

I know that I am a service oriented person but serving people of different land and enclave, now that's a different matter all together.

Is there a pointer there??

Well God knows better

But one thing I noticed was that the inner voice that I already know is the God in me, never left me for a second. In all the directives I gave, in all the counsels I dished out, in the assistance I rendered to those people, He was always talking to me and telling me what to do and what to say, He was always by my side.

And then, when my tour of duty was over, He woke me up this morning
Oh glory!!!
How wonderful and marvelous this God is
I shall always serve Him no matter what comes my way!!!

My People, my People

It is morning now, and behold all things are fresh. I can feel the cool gentle renewing breeze blowing my way from the richly flowered garden. I can smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers, I feel alive again, I am just in love with life - oh dear!!!!!

I am certainly refreshed (what a beauty this sleep is) and I can go the whole hog today with this refreshment.

A new  morning is here heralding a new day which is the commencement of a new working week and you know what, I am certain that my God would always be by my side all through this day and this week.

A new morning is always a blessing and an opportunity to be renewed.

How about you?
Did you have a good night sleep?
Did you bring something back from your trips in your sleep?
Are you feeling refreshed this morning?

Talk to me, I surely would love to hear from you because I do CARE for you and believe me when I say so because I am a man of few words.

I am waiting to hear from you

And you have a beautiful day ahead

Cheers to a new day

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


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