Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Categories Of People In A Public Transport

There are 10 sets of people you meet in public transport while traveling .

1. The sleepers: 

These set of people sleep practically all the journey. Some even go to the extent of snoring.

2. The talkatives: 

The talkatives raise discussions on different issues. They can talk for hours uninterrupted.

3. The music freaks. 

These ones plug in their ear-piece as soon as the journey begins. They listen to music non-stop until they alight from the vehicle.

4. The gluttons:

The gluttons buy food and drinks at the slightest opportunity. Some can even eat all through the journey. They buy fruits, walnuts,drinks, chips, gala e.t.c

5. The cautioners: 

These set of people always caution the driver whenever he is over- speeding. They keep saying “life has no duplicate”

6. The fat(mostly ladies): 

They occupy virtually all the space on the seat. They are so annoying. They can even squeeze life out of you. You can only curse them silently! And chai, they can smell!!! omg!!!!

7. The thieves: 

The thieves steal from unsuspecting passengers. They steal money and phones. These set of people are the most dangerous in the bus.

8. The preachers/ Prayer warriors: 

They lead prayers immediately the journey begins. They also preach and share tracts.

9. The Gentle: The gentle sits all by himself throughout the journey. He simply decides to ignore everyone in the vehicle. He might not utter a word all through.

10.The Quarrelsome : 

These are the people that make unusual jokes and when people respond they get angry and want to fight.

Be sincere, where do you belong??


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