Friday, August 28, 2015

Bugharia Nigeria!!!!

I am not very good at criticizing Government actions based on ethnic considerations or leaning but this time, I am just forced to break my silence.

Never in the history of Nigeria have we had it so bad as it is now, in terms of spread of appointment of persons into high offices in this Country.

When the Service Chiefs were appointed and three of them came from the North, they said, we should hold on and wait for other appointments

When the Ag Chairman for INEC was appointed and she is also from the North like the President, they said we should wait and that she was just on transit (but she is still sitting there and preparing to conduct elections in Bayelsa and Kogi States)

When the other appointments that had Northerners fill in important positions were made, some persons said Bugharia can appoint his family members and all they wanted was good governance  but we know that Nigeria has 2 major regions - North and South and all past governments had made efforts to reflect and balance this reality in their appointments but this Government seems to have turned a deaf ear to this reality of our existence as a Country

And now this:

Yesterday - Femi Adesina announced to a bewildered population that once again Bugharia has made his appointments for the positions of SGF, CoS and CG-Customs and all three positions went to the NORTH  and not just the North but to the NORTH EAST where he hails from.

This is just too much

Does it mean that there are no other Nigerians outside the Northern enclave that can occupy other sensitive positions in the Country?

Does it mean that if one has not worked directly with Bugharia that he or she can not be appointed into a position of trust in the Country?

What happened to all the names that were being touted from the South to occupy the position of SGF?

What has Ogbonnaya Onu benefitted from submitting ANPP to APC since most of these appointments are going to the CPC of APC!!!

I may not be a practicing Politician but I am definitely not apolitical and it is something like this that ignites the fire in some apolitical persons to become full blown Politicians.

Slowly we are noticing Nigeria sliding into a Northern Hegemony, this is not good for our body polity.

President - North
Senate President - North
House of Rep Speaker - North
SGF - North
Chief Justice - North
President Court of Appeal - North

All well meaning Nigerians should speak up and out NOW before it becomes too late

This Government should make efforts to assuage the feelings of marginalization being felt by the Southern enclave especially the SOUTH EAST and this it can do through appointments into sensitive posts in the Country not just as Ministers or Board Chairmen

This present appointments are one too many for the North, all others henceforth should be from the South until the gaping gulf between the North and the South in terms of appointments by this Government is closed!!!

This is my personal opinion

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP


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