Monday, July 27, 2015


This is an issue that really got men up on their feet, but will find every possible means to elude our thinking to make us remain where we are.

To procrastinate means to “suspend/postpone, what needs to be done at a particular point in time”.

Procrastination has been with us here since creation. It does not respect your Social status, Age, Gender Race or Color. It affects every man/woman born of a woman.

Preparing for life/major events that will turn lives around for good may suffer a great set back, if care is not taken , cause we as  human being believes, we can shift that event till tomorrow.

I want to ask, “what if tomorrow never comes”, what are you going to do about It.?

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well and I ‘ll add that at the [b]RIGHT TIME[/b], to prevent regrets and “had I known” comments.

Even as a writer of this article, how many times have I postponed the writing of this piece, all due to procrastination. 

Our everyday life is not a measure of promises or set goals, but of accuracy and precision.

Dear reader, it is worthy of note that as you read now, you take a stand for yourself in the moments of indecision. 

Decisions and ideas rule our world, wherein whatever you decide to do today, will go a long a way to determine how our tomorrow (future) will look like.

Do not shift what can be done today till tomorrow, tomorrow is loaded with its own troubles.

Ability to stand in the face of trials and tribulations brought by procrastination could be a bonus to our right standing in the society, but what about the time lost. We ll definitely be known for our strength and vigor whenever it comes to decision taking.

Many ways in which we can overcome this challenge are numerous, but here are [i]few[/i] for our pleasure.

[u]Get Busy[/u]- Inability to get going aids procrastination. Get up and do something with the precious gift (time) that nature has endue us with. Do not play around or waste away, when you can see the essence of time. Time is life.

[u]Your Friends[/u]- if you are the type that keeps friends with no positive impact/influence, it is high time you let them go. Moving around aimlessly, chasing the winds will not help you to grow and meet up the standard that is laid up in the world of today of 21st Century.

[u]Seek Counsel/Mentor[/u]- Getting the right person to mentor you and show you the rudiments of life will go a long way in shaping and improving your lot in life. Get advice from those who have been there, whom you can rest on.

[u]Prayer[/u]- Yes, prayer, you may wonder, how does this helps with procrastination. It is said that prayer changes things, so when you take this step, you’ll become strong and courageous to enter action with boldness without minding what other people say or do.

Whatever other people think about you, is none of your business, I repeat “none of your business”.

Make attempts, take steps, ask questions and see if you’ ll still remain the same before taking those approach and I know you won’t regret it.

Till I come your way again, remember that “Procrastination is still and will forever remain the thief of time”.

Love you Always. 

God bless you.

Written by Falore O.A


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