Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Is Finally Here- Hurray!!!!

What a great news!!!!
How awesome it is!!!
How incredibly unbelievable!!!!!!

That after wading through the shallow waters, swimming through the deep oceans, climbing over every mountain, jumping over all the obstacles, fording through streams, demolishing hills, and overcoming life’s challenges, we are alive to tell the tale of how we overcame in June 2015.

By the testimonies of our mouths, by the belief of our hearts, by prayers poured out with tears of repentance flowing down our cheeks from our eyes, what else can we say than to thank God Who alone made it possible for us to enter into this new month.

Tell it loudly in Gath, mention it boldly on the streets of Palestine, on the highlands of Jerusalem, in the confines of the enclaves and even the conclaves, shout it from the roof tops of the skyscrapers that dot the surface of the earth, that without this God, WE ARE NOTHING and He shall be our God for ever and ever.

My people, we finally made it to July, it is not an end in itself, but the beginning of a new phase of life. We have another opportunity given by GOD to us to LOOK AT OURSELVES and the LIVES we are living, to see if we have a reason to be alive or are we just floating along the pathways of least resistance, to see if we can finally begin to take action on things that we have planned to do or we still continue playing the waiting game called procrastination, to see if we can make a difference in ONE PERSON’S life just because we lived, to quit being ostriches and become eagles that we are meant to be soaring over and above the clouds.

You asked for July, you finally have it, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT?
That is the million dollar question.

I can only wish you more of God in July.

I am very ready to do the battle of survival in July, ARE YOU READY??
THEN Come let’s team up and make it a more fulfilling and financially rewarding experience.

Happy New Month my people, MAY YOUR EVERY WISH FOR  July  COME TRUE

I love you, more than words can express

God bless you beyond your territorial boundaries

Cheers to a new day and a new MONTH

Have a great day



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