Thursday, June 25, 2015

Be Careful Who You Associate With

There is an adage in my language ( Igbo ) that says "if a goat that doesn't eat yam becomes friends with the goat that eats yam, she too will start to eat yam". How true is that saying!,. 

A lot of wrong things people do is as a result of the type of friends they keep and because of what influence they have in their lives.

If a married woman is keeping friends with a woman that is a flirt or cheating on her husband, she too will likely be influenced to start flirting and cheating on her husband ( same with men ).

Somebody is likely to be influenced into committing crimes if he is having criminals as friends, if a truthful person keeps friends with liars they are likely to influence him/ her into telling lies, if a preacher that is in the truth begins to keep friends and fellowship with compromising preachers they will influence him into compromise, if a holy Child of God attends a corrupt Church or listens to worldly preachers or keeps friends with ungodly people he/ she will be influenced into living worldly and ungodly lifestyle, also if somebody has a wicked person as his/ her adviser he/ she will be living wicked life and taking wicked actions.

Whoever we keeps friends with has a lot to do with the kind of life we live, the actions we take and to some extent, the progress we make in life.

Most importantly, the preachers we listen to has a lot to do with our eternal destination, if we listen to worldly preachers, it will make us live contrary to God's will, but if we listen to the preachers of holiness and righteousness it will enable us live life that is pleasing to GOD.

CHOOSE WISELY! ( Please read 1 Corinthians 15: 33, 34. ).


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