Tuesday, June 30, 2015

As June Ends!!!

It is Tuesday the 30th day of June 2015.

It is the last day in the month of June and when by 12 midnight it transits to eternity, it can never be recalled back to earth.

It has been a very hectic month, one that saw us cris-crossing the Country and far away Countries, one that has literally kept us on our toes.

In the month of June, we aimed for the skies but though we could not get there but we surely got blessed with star dust which has kept us floating.

It surely was a month to be proud of.

How did your month go?
Did you achieve all that you set out to achieve?

If not, don't burn out, the next month would surely be better

Let's look up to God for a better month as the 7th month of 2015 glides in.

Have a swell day




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