Thursday, June 18, 2015

6 Things That Happy People Avoid Like The Plague

 Happiness is a choice that everyone can make in their lifetime.

The key to happiness is simply in the way you view yourself and the world around you.

There are millions of people who are truly happy while there are others who create obstacles that prevent them from achieving happiness.

Happy people have habits that keep them happy while the unhappy people remain depressed. Below is a list of the 6 things happy people avoid doing.

1. Thinking Negatively
Unhappy people turn a blind eye to all the right things in the world and only focus on the wrong.

They can easily be spotted from miles away.

People who think negatively always end up being depressed and unhappy.

They are the miserable people who always complain about anything and everything and are always expecting negative outcomes.

Happy people are optimistic people who always view the glass as half full and are always looking for more in their lives.

They know the problems our world faces but keep an eye on the positives.

Bad things and good things happen, and happy people know that good and bad things are a way of the world.

Happy people are well aware of the global issues, but only choose to see what is right.

When bad things happen, fix it, and focus on the good things around you.
When you think positively, you experience happiness.

2. Blaming Other People
Unhappy people always blame other people when things go wrong and believe that they are the reason for their misery.

They lack confidence in people and believe that other people cannot be trusted.

They believe that there is not enough fortune to be shared, and people are always stealing from their own.

Blaming other people is psychologically disempowering and is the easiest way to unhappiness.

Blaming people causes misery and creates a circle of despair.

To be happy, you need to take personal responsibility even when the problems may be caused by someone else.

Happy people believe in trusting their fellow men and know that no one is out to get them.

They know that they possess a blueprint that cannot be taken away from them by anyone.

They are aware of the infinite possibilities and take daily steps to achieve their goals.

Happy people are focused on their ability and manage their lives and their happiness effectively.

They focus on their options even when the outside forces are closing up on them.

3. Seeking Revenge

 Holding on to resentment only intensifies one’s misery and sadness.
Seeking revenge creates resentment that eats up people from the inside causing stress and depression.

Unhappy people harbor the evil feelings of revenge and can never rise above them.

The past always remains the past for a reason.

There is a special feeling of freedom when you let go of the anger and give up on seeking revenge.

Happy people know that seeking revenge will never bring them the happiness they desire.

They may be deeply hurt, but they never try to avenge.

Happy people always make peace, forgive and move on with their lives.

When you learn to forgive, you enjoy a unique type of freedom and let go of the past.

To be happy, you must make peace with the past and focus entirely on the future.

Rise above revenge, live that up to karma and create your own happiness.

4. Giving Up
Unhappy people give up simply when the effort they are putting into something does not lead to the expected results.

They put in a limited effort to help themselves and constantly see themselves as victims of life.

They have negative attitudes and can never find their way through to the other side.

If you are constantly doing easy things and wishing that things were different, and you are not putting in enough effort, you are heading to failure and unhappiness.

Always dream and hope and create your way out of any situation.

Pull yourself together and look for a solution.

Happy people know that life is hard and bounce through tough times with their heads held high.

They persevere towards problem-solving, get themselves out of the mess and never consider themselves as victims.

Accomplish the goals you have set without relenting and you will enhance your happiness.

Failure is temporary.

Get up and try again.

5. Gossiping

Miserable people live in the past and make their misery a topic of conversation.

They engage in the petty behavior of gossiping once they have run out of words to express their unhappiness.

People who gossip are those whose lives are not fulfilling making them pathetic and jealous.

They seek to find faults in others so as to feel better. Negative talk only leads to further misery and unhappiness.

There is no reason for a happy person to gossip about someone or act jealous towards others.

Happy people are content with themselves, want to improve and always ignore the societal pressure.

They never compare themselves to others and take pleasure in celebrating the success of others.

You can only feel positive vibes from across the rooms of happy people.

Always think before you speak and if you have nothing good to say, do not
say anything at all.

6. Having Expectations
Unrealistic expectations most often set us up for painful disappointments.

People face the big challenge of learning to accept people just as they are. Expectation is a very big word that is quite hard and static.

When constantly expecting others to be in a specific way, we are regularly disappointed and unhappy.

Happy people go into situations having open minds without any pressure of living up to the preconceived expectations.

They know their value and do not look up to other people to confirm their self-worth.

View life optimistically but always leave room for other outcomes and it may just turn out to be way better than you hoped for.

You are more than capable of creating your own happiness, therefore, look within yourself and never at others to be happy.

Regardless of the outcome, stay in the present and let life run its course.


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